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Five Qualities You Should Look At In
Residential And Commercial Plumbers


A plumber is a person who installs, checks, and repairs all the fixtures, pipes, and appliances at home or offices. The issue may pertain to drinking water, drainage, or sewage in your residence or office. Residential and commercial plumbers are an essential asset for day-to-day repairs and maintenance, whether water seepage issues, drinking water connection, or sewage removal. The plumbing setup at home and offices are complex, and both installation and repairs may turn out to be tedious and costly. It is why you must hire an experienced and trustworthy plumber like Atak Plumbing

When to hire a plumber?

Many a time, the owners themselves attempt to repair the plumbing faults. If the issue is not grave, then a DIY can help, but you need to hire a plumber if the problem is severe. It may cost a little extra, but a plumber will resolve the issue efficiently as they are professional people.

Problems like no water in the shower, clogged pipes, water line leaks, etc., need professional assistance. If you run a commercial property, you may not be able to do everything on your own. The problems in a commercial property happen quite often as compared to a residential property. Here you need a commercial plumber who can help in the smooth running of the business.

There are a few qualities that you must consider before hiring a plumber. Let us look at a few of them:

  1. Licensing and proper certification

Any plumber that you hire needs to be certified and licensed. The certification is proof of their skills and quality of work. It shows that they have desired knowledge and they are adequately trained and cleared the exams. 

  1. Experience

A plumber needs to have adequate experience so that they can understand the complexity of the problem. They will be able to offer quality services only if they are duly experienced. If the problem is simple, then a low experienced plumber may do the job, but if the problem is complex, you must go in for an experienced one. It will help you save on time and money.

  1. Knowledge

When you check for certifications, it shows that the qualified plumber has enough knowledge to take care of the tasks. Your residence or office may end up having faults because of the incompetence of the plumber. A knowledgeable plumber assesses the task and acts as per the need of the hour. He will give you suggestions to correct the faults.

  1. Reliability

The plumber you hire must be reliable and must complete the job on time. The plumber also needs to be punctual to work to avoid inconveniences. They must value your time, be fully prepared, carry all the tools, give a precise time estimate and do the work without any disturbance.

  1. Must have a good reputation

The plumber you hire must have a good reputation in your locality. The reputation speaks for the quality of work and knowledge level. It shows the reason why people hire them. You may choose a local plumber through referral or lookout in a local community's local directory or social media page. You may also check the past reviews from old clients. A good plumber will always have happy customers.


Hiring a plumber is a job that needs to have time invested in searching for a suitable candidate. Therefore, search for the one matching the above characteristics and do not forget to check the certifications.

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