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Amazing Plywood Features That Make It
Great In The Modern World

Introduced in the 20th century, plywood is a wonderful material that today is a great alternative to solid wood. In fact, plywood is the best choice for builders and homeowners today in the modern world. It is made of various tiny layers of soft or hardwood glued together at a right angle. This angle positioning enhances the strength of plywood. This wood usually comes in standard sheets of 4 by 8 feet.


Here’s why plywood is great in the modern world

Aesthetic appeal

Items made using plywood such as furniture have a nice look. Plywood looks awesome compared to real wood. Using high-quality plywood veneer will give your products a better look compared to real wood. Ironically, the attractive appearance of plywood comes from the solid covering on top that creates an aesthetically pleasing and strong exterior. This makes decorative plywood ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where curb appeal is very important.

Exceptional strength

Plywood is naturally cross-grained allowing even distribution of strength throughout the whole panel, unlike solid wood whose strength is along the grain only. Plywood is even made stronger with the use of veneers and phenolic adhesives. Various layers of wood pieces and chips are placed perpendicularly to each other before bonding using glue using extreme pressure. Every layer alternates the grain direction to make plywood stronger compared to regular wood of similar size.

Eco-friendly nature

The best plywood manufacturer companies in Yamunanagar produce it from thin sheets of wood known as plies by gluing them together. The plies are glued at right angles through cross lamination. After cross laminating three to five sheets and gluing them together, plywood with exceptional strength is produced. This doesn’t warp withstands high impact.

Plywood is from tress with a smaller diameter compared to those used to make regular timber. The good thing is that about 75 percent of the usable wood is used to manufacture plywood. And, plywood is recyclable after the end of its useful life to make it eco-friendly. Additionally, you can reuse plywood for various purposes including landscaping, animal bedding, or improve raw soil. You can also use solid plywood pieces to fix distressed aesthetics in furniture.

Available in various sizes

Plywood sheets come in precise dimensions to match your requirements. The popular size in India according to Indian Standard, IS: 10701:2012 is 8 by 4 inches although other sizes exist including 6 by 3 inches and 7 by 3 inches. The rule of thumb is to understand the right size and thickness required before selecting plywood for your requirements.

Perfect for curved surfaces

Plywood has cross-laminated sheets but is very flexible and comes in various thicknesses including 5mm and 20 mm. However, the sheets are very flexible to allow use for design requirements including curved surfaces. This is because there’s no need to worry about the result ending up with rough and uneven edges. Plywood perfectly works for curved surfaces seamlessly for its smoothness.

Split and crack free

Plywood effectively withstands splits and cracks during nailing and screwing through it unlike regular time for furniture. This results from plywood’s cross-layered structure making it less prone to split along the grain. For construction purposes, there’s no need to worry about plywood splitting since the nails don’t enter the end.


Another wonderful benefit of plywood is its lightweight without compromising its strength. This allows the use of ply for various commercial applications and furniture-making projects. The weight of plywood depends on various factors. A thickness below ¼ inch is quite light and bends more easily making it ideal for curved projects.

Type of wood used to make the plywood also determines its weight. Balsa wood allows manufacturing light plywood ideal for purposes such as building model aircraft. Additionally, the manufacturing process also determines the lightness of plywood. Plywood is made by making boards from fine grain particles or gluing wood particles together. Using a veer core from hardwood creates the lightest plywood.

Good value for money

There is little wastage when you use quality plywood to make furniture instead of solid wood. Each piece of plywood can be put to use to meet your needs. Additionally, transporting plywood is easy and cheap since it is lightweight. Keep in mind that the price of engineered wood is way cheaper compared to hardwood for building requirements.

Bottom line

Regardless of whether you’re having a furniture or building project, plywood is a wonderful material to use. Apart from its eco-friendliness, this engineered wood matches various applications in the modern world. From building airplane models to pet beddings, from curved project designs to furniture. However, you have to understand plywood thickness and size to be sure that you pick that matching your project needs.

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