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Is Plexiglas a Better Choice for Picture Frames as Compared to Glass?

It is observed that when it comes to choosing between normal glass and plexiglass for the framing. plexiglass is a preferred choice for most. It is chosen because of its more strength and durability over the normal glass.

Plexiglass is also known as acrylic glass. It is made up of many chemical elements that make it better over normal glass making it withstand more resistance for breakage and durability. Also, the plexiglass is a lighter weight option in comparison to normal glass. 

Why is Plexiglas the most suitable for framing?


The plexiglass is most suitable for framing due to its strength and durability. Simple glass is heavy in comparison to it. And there are high chances of the glass to break while carrying and transportation. However, when we talk about plexiglass due to its acrylic formation it is nearly unbreakable. Glass being heavier in weight the large glass normal glass framed art requires extra support for hanging them against the wall. Plexiglass being light in weight resolves this issue.

Also when a framed item is required to be moved, it is the most preferred choice of framing. Also due to its lightness in weight in comparison to normal glass during the shipment and transportation, it is a much more convenient option for the framing. Also when there is a requirement of shipping the framed piece cost of shipping is a major concern. So, plexiglass being light in weight reduces the shipping cost.

Plexiglass can be used in certain different ways:

  • Printing Signs on plexiglass
  • Advertising posters
  • Framing of the pictures
  • Decorating trade show stands
  • Can be used in the office as plaques
  • Can be used in museums or other public displaying places as signage

As it is easy to print on it so it can be used in the house also for creating some printed art. Due to its flexibility and durability, it is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor purposes also.

Why not ordinary glass to serve this purpose?


Compared to glass, it is flexible and more durable, which means it is less likely to break than glass. If you are having an art piece, you will never want it to be tempered by the breakage of the frame. In the museums keeping the rare art pieces plexiglass is preferred because if the glass is used and it breaks it can slice the rare art piece and can destroy them whereas strength and durability of the plexiglass prevent it from breaking which helps in keeping the rare art pieces safe and intact. Also, When a framed piece is likely to be moved around or when the framed item is to be shipped a lot, acrylic glass seems to be an obvious choice.

How to keep the Plexiglas frame clean to avoid scratches?


It is one aspect where plexiglass is more vulnerable to glass. It gets scratched easily in comparison to the normal glass. To avoid the chances of scratching it advised to use the soft and clean cloth for cleaning the surface.

You can follow these simple steps to keep the surface clean and scratch-free:

  • First before cleaning with any kind of cloth of surface cleaning material blow off the air over its surface to remove the dust particles because if you rub over the surface along with the dust there are chances of getting it scratched
  • Once all big and visible dust particles are blown off using a dry soft cloth like a cotton cloth which has a plain and smooth texture clean the surface with the dry cloth
  • Your frame is clean but if you want to get a more shiny surface you can use plastic cleaner. Put some plastic cleaner over the frame spread it evenly all over it and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth

Follow these simple steps and you will have a clean and scratch-free surface. To avoid scratch on the surface during the movement or transportation it is advisable to cover it properly and mask the surface with some paper or some material, which will prevent it from scratching.

Either of the glass, whether it is simple glass or the plexiglass framing, there are always pros and cons associated. However, if we talk about price obviously glass will be a cheaper option but when it comes to flexibility, durability, ease of mobility, the weight of the frame plexiglass is a bigger win and a preferred choice over the normal glass.

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