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5 Tips for Those Who Want to Plan
a Bathroom Renovation

With more time indoors due to quarantine, it is possible to see which items in the room are not very functional, practical, and comfortable. The period is for reflections! And why not take the opportunity to list the changes that need to be made in the rooms of the house? With the hectic day-to-day, it is normal to leave these issues aside. Still, an environment that offers comfort and practicality is essential for the well-being of residents. "A bathroom that is not functional and visually pleasing can turn relaxing moments, such as bath time, into something uncomfortable. With that in mind, the architect lists 5 tips to help residents understand if the time has come to renovate the bathroom. See below!

Space Optimization

According to architects, an essential factor to pay attention to in the bathroom is to see if the space is being used practically, with pieces ideal for the size of the place.

"In bathrooms with little footage, it's nice to use mirrors to give the feeling of spaciousness to the space. For larger environments, it is recommended to use large joinery with more details to make the place evenly filled and with a beautiful look.

Choice Of Bath Box

As one of the place's most prominent and essential items, it is important that the shower stall is functional and practical and adds to the bathroom decor. To analyze whether the shower box model is suitable for the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to some issues. If the shower doors stick to the wall when they open or hinder the movement of people, that model is not the most suitable.

For small bathrooms, the professional indicates shower stalls with flexible doors. For very spacious rooms, the ideal is to opt for larger models with double doors, so the space does not look empty. "In addition, it is nice to see if the model is functional when cleaning and even if it talks to the other decor items and the bathroom style.

Colors and Coatings

According to professionals, the coatings and paintings on the walls are items that many people insist on in the bathroom decoration, as they can transform the face of the environment. But it is also quite common that, over time, the resident gets sick of the walls' tone, the coating's model, and the pattern of the wallpaper, which causes discomfort when using the room.

"When the resident does not feel comfortable being in the environment, and the decoration is no longer following their personality and taste, this space needs some changes. in this case, it is essential to remove or, depending on the case, add whatever is bothering you

In addition, the professional emphasizes the importance of always evaluating the choices when decorating the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is too small, you should avoid using very dark colors and coatings not to burden the environment.


Lighting has a lot of value inside the bathroom and must be well distributed within the room. Good lighting can give the environment more clarity and amplitude to the room, in addition to generating a feeling of greater comfort", he comments.

For places that have natural light, it is not necessary to invest in extensive artificial lighting. As for dark spaces, betting on an efficient light game is ideal.

Decorative Objects

Many people have doubts about bathroom remodel ideas with decorative objects inside the bathroom, but they go super well in space with a good choice and functionality. For this, the resident needs to observe their personality and tastes. For the most delicate, perfumes, flower pots, and soaps beautifully packaged on a silver tray are ideal. The most modern, fun paintings and items with different designs are very cool.

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