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4 Inspection Tips for a New Roof

A very common problem when it is not known where the plumbing goes through the walls is to end up drilling a pipe, especially when hammering a nail. It turns out that a hole stuck in the wall does not always give immediate signals and can end up resulting in infiltration, aggravating the situation, so it is important to know what to do!

Pipe stuck in the wall: what now?

When the problem is visible, that is, you went to do some work and needed to drill the wall, suddenly you ended up compromising the plumbing, and the water has started to leak, the only solution is to count on the help of a professional airdrie plumber. This is because the pipe stuck in the wall will have to be repaired with a 100% guarantee, which means that it will be necessary to break the wall and have the experience not to do the job in half.

The first step, as soon as the water leak in the wall begins, is to close the valve as soon as possible so that you prevent the place from getting soaked and damage to the furniture nearby. Having done this, you can try a temporary repair until the residential plumber arrives at your home so that you can use the taps and shower.

Water seeping into the wall

This situation is a little more complicated than a pipe stuck in the wall because when the infiltration is noticed, even more, if there is mold in the place, everything indicates that there is water leaking somewhere, that is, a hidden leakage.

Sometimes, especially if your wall is the same as your neighbor's, the problem may not even have been caused by you, and the neighbor may not even have seen that your pipeline has been punctured or that you have done a poor repair. Over time, infiltration appears, and then all you have to do is take the necessary steps.

The point is that there is no way to know if you are dealing with a pipe stuck in the wall or a crack or even guessing where exactly the problem is. Therefore, in the same way, as mentioned above, only a professional plumber with his own equipment will be able to detect the hidden leakagea, break the wall in the exact place, and repair it.

24-hour plumber Airdrie: phone

Now that you have checked the tips on how to proceed when there is a hole in the pipe in the wall, you can count on our team of plumbers in Airdrie, who are available to assist you day and night. We serve throughout the metropolitan region, including other locations. Just contact us regardless of the time.

You can call us at any time and you will be served promptly with all the professionalism of a company. While our technicians travel to your home or business to repair the hole in the wall, we can assist you with all the procedures to mitigate the damage caused by the leakage.

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