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How to Paint the Exterior of Your House
This Summer

The hotness in the air tells that the time to paint your house has come. People wait for the whole year so they can paint their homes again. Painting is probably one of the cheapest remodeling ideas and with a little effort and you can completely change the look of your home. When you decide to paint your house you basically have two choices. First, you do it yourself, and second, hire professionals like Pittsburgh painting companies to do it. Both choices have their advantages, but the selection completely depends on you. The DIY can be interesting and hiring an expert for exterior house painting has its perks. You can use the following pointers to paint your house this summer.

Choose the right paint

If you are doing it yourself, then you must pay attention here because the quality of paint matters. Choosing a good quality of paint is mandatory because it is directly related to the local weather. The selection of the wrong paint will start showing problems as soon it faces severe weather conditions. For example, the paint that is an optimal choice for hotter areas will not be suitable for the areas where it rains a lot. It is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by the exterior painting service in san tan valley az. Because the poor quality paint has even difficulties to stick with the wall.

Gather all the tools

Taking on the challenge to paint your house all by yourself isn’t a small feat. Therefore, if you are not hiring professionals, then at least prepare your toolkit just like professionals. You can find a good list of the tools below that you may need while painting your house. Some of the tools can be found easily at home but you may need to either buy or borrow the remaining. If you are doing an exterior house painting, then make sure you wear the basic safety equipment as well. Because working on heights isn’t easy and you need a firm grip while you are at work.

  • Wall cleaner
  • Adhesive tape
  • Painting brushes
  • Rollers
  • Roller trays
  • Roller extensions
  • Paintbrush cleaner
  • Plastic buckets
  • Ladder
  • Putty knife
  • scrapper

Pick a good summer color

The selection of paint colors is a delicate matter and you must choose a color that fits your ambiance. It is necessary to consider your present setting because the paint can be changed but the furniture can’t be changed that easily so, make sure you pick a good summer color. The summer colors are light and give a cool feeling in the hot weather. These colors are very desirable for exterior house painting because it prevents the heats absorption in the wall. The summer color can also help you reduce the overall energy consumption in summer.

Prepare the working area

This is the initial phase when you start working. The working area must be prepared before you start the work. The preparation means covering the stuff that you can’t remove from the painting area. It also includes fixing the painting area as well. The walls either they are interior or exterior can be in a poor state because of use and they must be fixed to enhance the overall paint quality. You might need the fillers to fill the holes up and form a smooth surface. You might also need to balance the wall if necessary. Learning a few tips from professionals isn’t a bad thing.

Use primer before the paint

The use of primer can do wonders because it is related to the paint quality and your money as well. You might have seen often that professionals apply some material other than the paint on the walls before they start painting. Well, that’s the primer, and applying it covers the background and the overall paint quality can be improved quite easily. However, you might want to buy a suitable primer for exterior house painting. An online guide can be followed to learn how to effectively mix a primer for optimal results.

Consider hiring a professional

If you are unsure whether you’d be able to paint your house yourself or not, then it is better you hire professionals for the task. Otherwise, you might ruin both the wall and the materials, and consequently, your painting cost would be way higher than usual. Professional House Painters can do it a lot faster and to a very high standard. They are skilled and have the experience to ensure a high-quality paint job. You just need a good reference that can help you hire a good painter.

Painting a house isn’t rocket science you just need good paint and a good toolkit to do it yourself. This would help you avoid the painting cost considerably. A small DIY project can be fun for the kids as well. It might take you a while but you’ll get it done.

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