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Looking Ottoman for Home Decor?
Here's a Simple Buying Guide For You

When decorating our home, particularly our living room, we usually add chairs, sofa, and tables. These are essential pieces of furniture used to decor a living room. But if you want to look for superb furniture, you can always check out the ottoman.

Ottoman is not only stylish, adding aesthetic to your home, but they're also very functional and comfy add-on furniture. A versatile piece of furniture that everyone can use as a stand-in for a coffee table, storage, or a seating option. A sofa with ottoman in your living room should be your most comfortable piece of furniture. Smaller size without removable lids can be used as a great footrest also. If you want to check more about this decor furniture but don't know where to start, here is a simplebuying guide for you.

1. Functions

The essential purpose of Ottoman is to provide a place where your feet can comfortably rest. Depending on the size, ottomans can also be used for multiple purposes. The storage ottoman can be a great partner to organize scattered items at home – toys, DVDs, remotes, etc. A cocktail ottoman comes with a top design and feature that can be used as a serving tray to hold food, drinks, and coffee. Here is a brief function of the two:

Ottoman Coffee Tables
The first thing you'll notice about the coffee table ottoman is its firmer padding. Sometimes, it is known as a cocktail ottoman and comes with multiple great designs such as microfiber, leather, chenille, microfiber, and other upholstery fabrics. If ever you intend to lean towards the coffee table used for your cocktail ottoman, check for the flatter surfaces as certain varieties with buttons or 'tufted' tops are excessively lopsided for resting glasses of liquid drinks. If you decide to have a centrally round coffee table ottoman or a square type ottoman that can be folded with a sectional couch, the accessibility in the market to choose from will be a lovely surprise.

Storage Ottomans
This type of ottoman functions very well in storing your books, DVDs, toys, or any other thing you have in the living room. You can quickly clear away the scattered stuff without compromising the entire style of your living room, as storage ottomans come with removable lids. Pick a bigger trunk-style model to store your covers, blankets, and pillows. There's also an ottomans design intended to keep your remotes and magazines. You can also check for a storage ottoman that comes with trays to place your food and drinks.

2. Shapes

Ottomans come with different shapes like round, rectangle, and square, where you have the option to pick which is best to use. Its shape can bigly affect how it finds a place with the surrounding furnishings. Round ottomans are great to use in providing comfort in a small space and are very handy and complimentary with the rest of the round sofas. They can also go about as a visual differentiation if most of your furniture consists of straight lines and right angles.

Another shape is a square ottoman that can be an item of excellent add-on furniture and partnered with almost every type of your sofas. A square ottoman combined with a conforming upholstered seat makes a bound-together look. Likewise, it can be used as a substitute for coffee tables on the off chance that you feel like hard lines and points dominate the room; an ottoman will help to soften the entire room's appearance. Line up different square ottomans, and you'll have a lovely estimated table, or pick a bench ottoman.

On the other hand, rectangular ottomans are also the best option to fit an L-shaped sectional living room. As long as there's enough space to place it, it can be a good match for your other furniture.

3. Materials

With regards to selecting a particular material for your Ottoman, take the time to consider your everyday lifestyle. If you are looking for durable and aren't prone to tearing and fraying like fabric, you can always opt for leather material. But the only downside in this type of material is it is more susceptible to grease stains from everyday household items like ink, peanut butter, or oil. Vinyl ottomans are quite similar to leather, but the good thing is, it is a more budget-friendly option.

Fabric is considered an all-around material and functions admirably with most furniture, even though you may run into inconvenience on the off chance you pair to match a fabric ottoman with a sofa or leather chair. Another great material option is a microfiber ottoman, and it is soft and comfy to use, and easy to clean.


If looking for an extra piece of furniture for your living room, opting for Ottoman would be the best decision. It is popular for being versatile and comes with multiple designs, colors, shapes, depending on your needs. With Ottoman, you can always create something special with a unique accent piece. You can visit the Storables shopping site if you want to check and know more about Ottoman.

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