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How to Organize Moving if There Are a Lot of Things

How to pack your things when moving and prepare your new home for a comfortable move-in? The best way to move within the same city is to do it not in one day, but at least for a week, if not two. And on the first evening in a new apartment, you can start living without disassembling things. You can also consider booking a reliable mover but we strongly suggest checking moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote before hiring a professional moving company . Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. But how to organize the move? The algorithm of actions is as follows.

  • Take measurements before moving
    First: get a plan of the new apartment with the size of the walls and wiring sockets to figure out where and what kind of furniture to put. What to buy and what sizes. Measure all the niches — even those that seem unsuitable for furniture. Perhaps they are suitable for additional hangers or mirrors. Ideas where to attach a particular item often come spontaneously in the store, and measurements are not with you. It is important to understand in advance where the heaviest items will stand when moving to a new apartment.

    Tip: Ruler is your new best friend. Keep one in your new apartment, and carry the other with you. Only after you understand what and where to place, order furniture and its installation.

  • Determine the amount of light in the new location
    Be sure to go to your new place of residence during the day in sunny weather: it will become clear whether you need to buy additional curtains.

    It will also be clear where to put additional lamps if the light in the apartment is distributed unevenly. Mark the locations of lighting devices on the plan and do not plan to put overlapping furniture (cabinets) in these places.

  • All dusty work that requires wall-splitting, drilling and subsequent "cosmetics" should be completed before furniture, books and clothing arrive.

Organization of storage systems

Before you pack your things when you move, organize enough storage space in your new apartment to put them in. There are more things than you think. 

If you can't quickly order built-in cabinets to fit the size of the room, take the simplest identical deep (namely deep) shelves from IKEA and large boxes that are suitable for them in size, so that there is something to pack things in.

Usually, it takes three days to order, deliver and install the racks.. You can't imagine how convenient it is: even if you move with a hundred signed boxes that immediately take their places in temporary cabinets, it will be better than a few months of living in anticipation of a beautiful future on the trunks. You will give the cabinets later for pickup.

Temporary comfort — still, comfort

How to safely survive the move? Actively use temporary things in the new apartment: for example, racks for clothes. Rails perfectly help to organize the space. Such a hanger will be needed in the hallway and, possibly, in the bedroom. It is good to store the necessary things on them during the move and in the first weeks after, while the bags with other things have not yet been completely disassembled, and the permanent furniture may not yet be installed.

Prepare the bathroom when moving

In the bathroom at the time of the start of the move, there should be hygienic accessories: you will have to wash your hands often. You probably forgot how much dust you will have to deal with. Do not try to make it so that in the new house to deliver already completely disassembled and systematized boxes. No one can do that.

Tip: It is much more convenient to disassemble some things (especially small ones) in the process of moving to a new place, and not to the old one — there is still more space and opportunities to quickly remove dust after disassembly.

Household supplies

Bring the entire arsenal of detergents and a vacuum cleaner before moving. When assembling furniture, dust rises, which is better to remove immediately. There is a possibility — wipe with a rag after the workers after each hole they drilled. No — it is better to arrange with the cleaner for a light cleaning every other day for a couple of weeks. It is especially recommended to carry out constant cleaning for those who have allergies in the family.

Tip: Try to do no more than three hours a day for any work on moving. If possible, maintain a normal way of life. Otherwise, after a couple of days, you will want to put all the things in a pile and call the team of utilizers, only to not see it.

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