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Give a Brand New Look to Your Garden: Tips Directly From Landscaping Experts!

New Look to Your Garden

A garden is incomplete without flowers and butterflies, but there is much more you can do with that space. Have you seen the beautifully manicured gardens in movies and plush houses? 

If you’ve got the extra space, don’t let it go to waste by keeping it unkempt. The question is - Do you want to give a new look to your garden? We see you nodding your head, so probably that’s a YES. What are you here for, anyway? 

We have some amazing garden transformation ideas that you’d like to hear. The top landscape architect in Sacramento can make it a living reality for you, but let’s first share those ideas. 

As you move forward, allow us to share your ideas! You will get bowled over by a few or perhaps all of them. 

Why Give Your Garden a Quick Transformation? 

Before we share the great garden ideas, you should know why you want to transform the space. There are many compelling reasons to go for a makeover. For example, a garden is the best space to spend your weekends. It’s also where your children spend their childhood and make beautiful memories. 

Gardens are great for a BBQ session and some playtime with your pooch. A beautiful garden is also where you would like to throw parties for friends and family. Too much socialization? Hold back, introverts; you can spend alone time in the garden. 

You can enjoy the peace and the greenery in that garden. What are your thoughts? Having a gorgeous garden can also help you fetch a better price when you sell the property to a buyer. So, there are many advantages to decking up the garden space. However, you need to find a good landscape architect because they will be designing the garden of your dreams. 

They will use their skills and knowledge to design something that works in Sacramento.

Moreover, they will work around your budget and only add elements you approve.

A garden is not a DIY project, especially not if you are trying to get the garden of your dreams. 

Now, let’s talk about some grand ideas for your garden. We have also added a few budget-friendly ideas in case you don’t want to go overboard with the expenditure. 

Garden Transformation Ideas That You Will Love! 

Sit down with the landscape architect and determine how you want the garden to be designed. If it’s a knowledgeable and experienced landscape architect, let them design something and show it to you for approval. 

Here are a few ideas to discuss with the landscape architect. They will let you know what works and what doesn’t! 

#1 Change the Fencing 

If it’s a new house, the landscape architect can design something completely fresh for the garden. If it’s an old garden, you must consider changing the fencing into something new and improved. 

Fresh paint on the fence looks good too, but you should opt for some new ones to give a brand-new look to your garden. Discuss the fencing materials and shapes with the landscape architect. They will know what works for your garden. 

#2 How about adding a life-sized chess? 

We have seen many luxury properties adding life-sized chess in the garden. If you’ve got the space, you too can have a life-sized chess in your garden. 

It can be a great space to play for both adults and kids. Let this be the highlight of your garden. A chess board, too a life-size one, is the coolest feature in a garden. The landscape architect will let you know where this can be placed. 

#3 Structured Greenery Looks Better 

Your garden can have structured greenery and not overgrown grass or shrubs. It looks untidy and not-so-pleasing to the human eye. 

Sculptural greenery is always going to be in trend. You can speak to your expert about how to move forward with this plan.

#4 Gravel Ground Vs. Grass Ground 

If you don’t have time to mow the grass or keep a gardener, we suggest going for gravel ground. It’s easier to maintain, and gravel ground costs less. 

Grass needs to be mowed, and it may attract insects too. So, consider going for a gravel ground, and place some plush garden furniture too. 

#5 A Faux Plant Wall Looks Classy 

Would you fancy a faux plant wall that looks real but is not exactly real? It gives a fresh appeal to your house and the garden. Perch it up on the wall and give your garden a fresh and new look. 

#6 A Water Feature is Always a Good Idea 

Add a water feature in your garden. It could be a fountain or a big dish with goldfish and some floating plants. Speak to the landscape architect about what fits your budget and the space. 

Water features are always trending, so you must invest in them.

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