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Everything You Need to Know About Master Locks

Nowadays, protecting the household area is the main concern while living in a residential area. House owners are focusing on using the best quality security system to protect their house because most of the break-in attempts are made where the security system is not that strong.

There are different kinds of security solutions out there on the market. Master locks are the more general and effective security method. Additionally, one of the most inexpensive security systems to secure your house is a master lock protection system.

Assuming a master lock protection system can help you save the same valuable time in the house protection cycle or the security of a commercial building. If you wonder about the master lock security system, then here's what you need to know about master locks.

What is the master lock system?

The master lock protection system offers high-quality security by providing access to any set of keys. For example, there is the main door in your business building to enter the building. Additionally, there are several doors to access a particular room in your company building, such as the library, chamber of the CEO and storage rooms.

Based on the key holder, using a master lock system for your business building would help you enter each room with a separate pair of keys. That is the basic concept of a master lock system to make very safe use of each of the rooms.

How does it work?

You might be wondering how the master lock system works. A master lock system is a security system that provides access to many users as required.

For example, in an office building, there are 7 rooms. Master lock system can provide access to the CEO to enter all of the rooms with a special key, but no other employee can have access to enter all the rooms.

Many locksmith companies like Vitrier Charleroi offer master key security system. You cam easily hire a professional from there.

What type of locking system is required?

A master lock system requires the Tumblr pin lock system. A Tumblr pin lock system means there will be a key that will work only at the precise location of the driver. It will only work when you enter the key in a perfect position by rotating the key correctly.

Different type of keys in a master lock system

In a master lock system, there are two types of keys. There must have these two types of keys to give the individual access to enter the building.

  • Master key
    The master lock system has a master key. The person who has the key will have access to all the doors in the building. Such as most of the time, the manager of the office building holds the master key.
  • Sub master key
    Sub master key is also known as the change key of the master key. By using this key, the user can open only specific doors that they have access to open. However, the master key holder will also be able to open those particular doors.

Advantage of using a master lock system

The master lock system has many advantages. Using a master lock system improves security and easy to use. Here are the benefits of using a master lock system.

  • More security
    The main advantage of using a master lock system is more secure. The master lock system provides different keys to the individual. No one can access any door with having access to enter that specific room. Only the person will be able to open who has access.
  • More convenient
    A master lock system is so convenient that there will be a key for the main user who can access all the rooms. The person who has the main key of the lock system will be able to block any unknown person using the key.
  • More affordable
    There are many other security systems which are very expensive. But the master lock system is entirely affordable for every house owner and provides a higher level of security. There will be no extra charges. If there is any issue with the master lock system, it is effortless to fix without spending additional charges.


There is no doubt that the master lock system provides a higher level of security without spending a big amount of money. In this article, I have already discussed everything you need to know about master locks. I hope the above information will help you understand the master lock system if you consider using it for your home or office building.

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