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Things You Need to Know About Key Duplication

It’s always better to have a spare key. Consider, you are locked out. You have an emergency yet can’t go out. You are stuck. Perhaps, the only option available to you is breaking the window!

That’s just one scenario. Worst things can happen also. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation like this. You might lose your key or damage it to the point it’s no longer usable. That’s why you should have a duplicate key. You can avoid the uncertainty in the first place by doing this.

If you don’t know anything about key duplication or you just want to know more about it, then you have clicked on the right article. I am going to share with you some fundamental aspects of key duplication. So, let’s get started.

Things You Need to Know About Key Duplication

How A Key is Duplicated

With the widespread use of state-of-the-art technology, key duplication is literally nothing but a cakewalk. Those days are gone when it required great craftsmanship. But now no human interaction is needed at all. Locksmiths and stores like Home Depot and Walmart have the machine that can cut a key within a few minutes.

Even they have a DIY key duplication machine. It has a digital screen that will assist you with the necessary instructions. You put the original key on the scanner. Then the device will scan the measurement of the key. Then it will suggest which key blank you need to use. After you put the suggested key blank inside the machine, it will start working on it. Within a minute, you will have a fresh new key in your hand.

Now that’s the advanced machine used in stores like Home Depot and Walmart. But you may find a less advanced machine available at the locksmiths like Serrurier Bruxelles. The set-up is completely different.

There are two vices in the machine. The original key is placed in the left vice, and the key blank is placed on the right vice. The key guide, also known as the duplicator, ensures that both the keys are placed in a parallel manner. When the machine is turned on, the blade will cut the key as both the keys move horizontally.

Choosing the Right Key Blank

Choosing the right key blank is the most important task. If your area doesn’t have any Home Depot and Walmart stores, then you have to go to the locksmith who will probably use the machine I just mentioned. If the device doesn’t have the scanning facility, it can’t suggest you the perfect key blank. So make sure that the right key blank is picked up and used.

Duplicating a Key Using Another Duplicate Key

Try not to make a copy of a copy. Whenever you want to make a duplicate key, try to use the original copy. If your previously duplicated copy was not cut “perfectly”, then again you are going to have a bad cut. That’s why it’s always recommended that you do keep the original copy with you when duplicating a key.

No matter how good and experienced is your locksmith, the duplicate key will never be as good as the original. There will always be some flaws, even in a fairly good cut.

Key Duplication Without the Original Key

As I was saying, as long as you have an original key, you should duplicate the key using the original one. But there might arise situations that you have lost the key, or the original key is worn down. In that case, the key will be cut without the help of the original key.

A professional locksmith will know about the measurement by using a code cutter to find out the groove’s depth of the key code.

Types of Keys That Can Be Duplicated

You can duplicate almost every type of key that is made of brass or metal. The key cutting machines are specially designed to cut these keys. Whether it’s a car key or your apartment key, it can be duplicated. Locksmiths can even duplicate your car’s transponder key. They have the facility to program the transponder along with the machine used to cut only the metal portion.

Final Words

By having a duplicate copy, you are saving yourself from any troubles that could be created as a result of losing the key. That’s why you should always have spare keys. If it’s about your car key, then you can ask the dealership for a spare key. If it doesn’t work, then get yourself a duplicate copy. It’s a safe choice, having a spare key by any means.

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