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Nature Wallpaper in Your Interior
– a Great Solution for Any Room

Using magnificent nature wall murals for wall decor is a tried and tested design technique, which helps to set the desired tone and style quickly, zone the space, visually expand the room (especially if using mountain wallpaper), highlight one part of the room, and, if necessary, divert attention from another, less spectacular one. The interior with nature or mountain scene wallpaper is also good because it allows dwellers to be closer to the environment in an urban apartment. Favorite landscapes, unfamiliar places, real or fantastic locations – you can choose any design for your wallpaper, mountains included. Again, though, there are requirements: the drawing should be pleasant to the eye and not annoying. 

Why nature photo wallpapers are so prevalent

The interior defines not only a person's physical comfort but also psychological. The things that surround us either make life better – or worse. There can be no in-between. Images of rivers, seas, forests, and other natural environments are always perceived positively, even by lovers of the industrial or post-modern styles. Why?

The image of a landscape harmonizes and soothes. With it, you again feel like a part of nature. That is especially useful for those who spend the whole day in the city. Among modern buildings, it isn't easy to discern the natural order of things in an endless stream of cars, and the artificial landscape helps to relax, calm down, and feel like you are in the ocean or a tropical forest.

The use of nature wallpaper in the interior will also appeal to those focused on the inner world and devote time to meditation. There is simply no better environment for these activities. Additionally, a landscape photo is a real motivator for workouts and sports at home. Such an interior cheer-up improves overall well-being and stimulates endorphins release.

Nature Wallpaper

Nobody can say that nature wallpaper solves all the urban problems. To create a feeling of closeness to nature, you also need to think about other percepts: if possible, eliminate street sounds, take care to purify the air, and set up the proper lighting. A beautiful, pleasant landscape significantly reduces the psychological burden and makes life more comfortable. 

Nature wallpaper for living room 

The living room is the most convenient room for experiments. Here you can use any wallpaper: bright or pale, large-scale all over the wall – and compact. Usually, no one spends their night in the living room (only on some occasions the living room serves as a guest bedroom), so the interior allows some liberties. 

Mostly nature designers use in the living room:

  • natural landscapes (sea, forest, mountains, coast, flower fields);
  • fantastic views (panoramas from fantasy novels or films);
  • macro photography of nature (enlarged photos of flowers, leaves, water drops).

Wall murals play the role of an accent that guests immediately pay attention to. Use them to emphasize the individuality of the interior, and set off an unusual style. In addition, it will be good if you can tell a little about the chosen landscape: this will give another topic for an interesting conversation.

Nature Wallpaper

Nature wallpaper for kitchen

In the interior of most kitchens, there is one significant problem: the room is too small and occupied with appliances, and even the most beautiful and functional set takes up a lot of space. Therefore, the right choice of a wall mural is an effective way to expand the room. For these purposes, it is worth using light colors. If you choose a marine theme, clean and clear water will do; fresh spring colors will be optimal when it comes to buds and flowers. 

Symmetry will also visually enlarge the room. Randomness and carelessness look good in larger rooms, but a clear rhythmic pattern shows itself perfectly where there is little space. Another way to "extend" the kitchen: choose a photo wallpaper with the image of the forest, where the trees, standing in two rows, will form a path that goes into the distance. The landscape will look organic and beautiful and create a sense of volume.

Do not forget about the purpose of the kitchen: cooking and eating. To make food tastier and whet your appetite, use "juicy" photos: berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts. The best place for such images is the wall near the dining table. You can duplicate the picture on the kitchen apron to create a sense of balance in the interior.

Nature Wallpaper

Nature wallpaper for bedroom 

This room is associated with relaxation and peace or burning passion. Accordingly, the wall mural style will be either as calm and neutral as possible or expressive and rich.

For the first option, gentle spring landscapes are suitable. Good ideas are a sunset over an edge dotted with flowers, an ocean shore, and a forest at dawn (not dense, with light green leaves sprinkled with dew). Bear in mind that not only natural but also fictional landscapes look beautiful on the wall, so choose a theme that suits your inner mood best. The advantage of fantastic photo wallpapers is that here you can combine any colors and shades, any elements to your taste. Mountains covered to the very tops with flowers, a lush forest with colorful branches and leaves, seas of the most incredible tones - all this can be realized in the interior.

If your goal is to create a "passionate" interior, it makes sense to focus on warm shades. The dominant color of the photo wallpaper, in this case, is red. Next, choose panorama or macro photography. Both ideas are equally relevant. Fields of scarlet roses, close-up buds, and carmine shades of sunset on a deserted romantic beach will set the right tone. In such an interior, both natural and surreal landscapes look good. The best place for decor is, of course, the wall above the head of the bed.

Nature wallpaper for hallway

Wall murals solve two problems in the hallway's interior: they form the first impression for the person who enters and expand the overall space. 

Despite the hallway being consistently one of the smallest rooms in the dwelling, it has a huge number of functions. For example, outerwear and shoes are stored here, and household trifles are also here, as are shoes, bags, and suitcases, placed immediately after the entrance. Moreover, the guests are also met in the hallway. Therefore, being functional, the interior must maintain a feeling of lightness and freedom. 

Actual pictures of nature are just what you need for this. When choosing a wall mural, you should focus on the general style of the apartment: if the interior is concise, it makes sense to choose a similar landscape. If bizarre shapes and original solutions dominate the design, you should look for the same unusual photo wallpaper. Some of the most common wall decor ideas include:

  • flowers (large - in a small amount, or an abundance of small ones, arranged symmetrically);
  • forest (the trees should form a road going into the distance – this way, the space will visually extend);
  • waterfall (it will help add height to the room).

You can decorate one or more walls with wall murals to create the maximum feeling of being in the landscape. The reverse technique also looks interesting: photo wallpapers occupy only part of the wall and play the role of a magic window behind which opens a fantastic otherworldly world full of bright colors.

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