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Are Murphy Beds Safe? 5 Safety Factors

Murphy beds were always depicted in comedy skits as automatically folding their occupants in half and swallowing them into the wall. But today, nothing can be further from reality. The Murphy bed has evolved into a modern, robust, and safe fixture in any room that needs a creative space-saving design.

What is a Murphy bed?

In the early 20th century, William L. Murphy, inspired by the lack of space in his apartment, invented a bed that could fold up into a closet. He later founded the Murphy Wall Bed Company and patented the “Murphy Bed” in 1911, which is also known as a wall or hide-away bed.

What is the purpose of a murphy bed?

The Murphy bed is an innovative piece of furniture that can be pushed up into a cabinet or wall mounting, making it ideal for small space living or a guest room. You can tuck the bed away when you're not using it to free up extra floor space, and there are designs that extend to the ceiling and resemble credenzas. Murphy beds have developed over time into a chic, multipurpose piece that can easily merge into your existing décor.

Safety Factors when Buying a Murphy Bed

While these beds are a great way to save space, are Murphy beds safe? When fitted and utilized correctly, yes, Murphy beds are safe. Knowing how to use a Murphy bed is the best safety tip. Regardless of what mechanisms are in place, always be mindful with children and pets around when taking out and putting away the bed. The area should also be free of objects so it’s easier to set up for yourself or your guests.

Inferior quality of materials, incorrect assembly, destructive use, and other factors can make the fixture hazardous. Consider the following aspects before buying a Murphy bed to help guide you in making the right decision.

1. System for lowering and raising the bed

Murphy beds come with a few different folding mechanisms such as a spring-loaded or piston mechanism, or wooden rockers for rolling the bed out and in. Mechanisms with pistons and rockers don't need to be adjusted but spring mechanisms may require tweaking over time and may need special cabinets to accommodate them.

2. Materials

The quality of the Murphy bed's hardware determines how well it functions. The most important aspect to ensure you get a safe and durable bed is to find a reputable manufacturer that employs high-quality components and materials to prevent flaws and mechanical problems. Your Murphy bed's strength and safety will depend on how well the folding mechanism and building components are made.

3. Mechanism frames

Murphy beds can be mounted to the wall or freestanding and built from wood or wood-based components instead of the metal frames they once used. Particle board, plywood, and solid wood are the most typical materials used with solid wood being more expensive and heavier.

4. Assembler qualifications

Getting a professional to assemble and install your solid wood bed with springs or piston mechanisms will ensure that it is built correctly and is as safe as possible. Some bed models are lighter and simpler to put together on your own; all you need is an extra set of hands and the necessary tools and skills. If you are not confident doing it yourself, recruit a trained carpenter to help you. The quality of the construction and installation of your Murphy bed is crucial for maintaining comfort and safety.

5. Terms of Use

Always read the small print to ensure you are covered for returns and refunds and check the warranty coverage and duration are reasonable. This typically covers normal usage of the bed with correct assembly, but it does not cover situations in which damage results from abuse, incorrect construction, or modifications.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the right mattress that fits with the bed frame. Using the wrong type of mattress can result in physical injury and damage to the structure. If your Murphy bed is delivered to your home, inspect the product to ensure there was no damage during transit, so installation is problem-free.

Final thoughts

A Murphy bed that has been expertly made and placed is safe. For homeowners looking to increase the utility of their home space, the Murphy bed benefits make it a popular choice. However, safety should be at the top of your list of requirements for a good Murphy wall bed. This relates to quality because many inexpensive Murphy beds have subpar open/close mechanisms and hinges that could be dangerous.

The cheapest Murphy bed is the one that poses safety risks and is constructed of fragile materials, infused with chemicals, and comes with a thin mattress that does not offer comfort. Be cautious purchasing off bargain websites and find a respectable supplier who can deliver a Murphy bed that is sturdy and made with high-quality hardware materials.

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