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Discover 5 Multifunctional Kitchen Design Ideas
for Your New Family

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, especially when you are starting a family. The bigger the family you have, the more important it is. Kitchen designs often determine how much time you will spend in the kitchen or how much space is available. There are a lot of kitchen ideas you can implement, but not all of them are feasible for every kitchen. To help make your choice easier and improve your kitchen simultaneously, here are some multifunctional kitchen ideas you can employ in your home.

Create a Kitchen Island

When it comes to creating space in the kitchen, it doesn't get more significant than with a kitchen island. A kitchen island also serves to divide the kitchen into zones, providing you with a central working area. While the main reason for a kitchen island is functionality, it doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time. There are different types of kitchen Islands and different island designs, all designed to improve your kitchen. A kitchen island also provides you with a place to serve both prepping meals and a social center in the kitchen. You can cook or spend time with your loved ones at the kitchen Island.

Break a Wall

The main goal of breaking a wall in the kitchen is usually to create more space for the kitchen. In some cases, however, a structural change may be needed for other design ideas you may be looking to implement. Breaking down the wall opens up new possibilities and ideas to improve both your kitchen design and functionality. Additionally, where a family is concerned, having a big kitchen is a necessity. You can add in a dining area or somewhere other members of the family can stay in the kitchen. This will also increase the appeal of spending time in the kitchen and can even make work or cooking seem easier.

Invest in Open Shelving

Storage is one of the biggest problems people face when it comes to creating or designing a kitchen. There never seems to be enough space or room for placing items. In most cases, this will lead to a disorganized kitchen with most items seemingly out of place. Creative storage solutions are a great addition and will add a bit of organization to your kitchen. Open shelving is one of the most functional storage solutions, and it doesn't require much effort to install. By adding an open shelve, you can store more items in your kitchen and gain aesthetic value both from the organization and the shelf design.

Create a Herb Garden

A herb garden is one of the most practical designs you can implement in your kitchen. In most cases, it doesn't require much space, and it provides numerous benefits. From health benefits provided by the plants in the garden to fresh produce for your cooking, a herb garden is an excellent choice. You not only get a functional addition to your kitchen but also add in some style as well. You get greater control over what you cook with and can try preparing a wide variety of meals, depending on what you grow. As an added benefit, a herb garden can also provide you with some extra motivation to cook more.

Add an Entertainment Hub

Ever had to leave the kitchen because you didn't want to miss your favorite TV show? Or maybe your family members don't spend time in the kitchen with you leaving you bored. Whatever the reason, an entertainment hub in the kitchen is the solution. You create a more exciting kitchen with a TV and a few seats. Soon enough, the kitchen becomes more entertaining, and you can spend quality time with family members right there.

Most or all of these design ideas will usually require some major changes to your kitchen structurally. You may, therefore, have to do a full kitchen remodel for some of these design ideas to be implemented. Alternatively, you can simply implement a kitchen remodel and make these designs a part of the remodel.


Kitchen design ideas are a great way to improve the appeal of the kitchen and improve its significance in the home. The more design ideas you implement in the kitchen, the more appealing it becomes, and the more time you want to spend in the kitchen, especially as a family.

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