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Moving Within the City of Zurich:
A Definitive Checklist

Moving to a new apartment can be overwhelming. The packing process is usually stressful and requires tedious work, especially if you have a lot of property. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Even with a relatively small population, it is among the world's best attraction sites and has beautiful accommodation facilities. If you are moving to the city of Zurich, here is a checklist for you to consider:

  1. Do your home search in the best neighborhoods in Zurich: Getting into a better, serene, and peaceful neighborhood is what you should consider when you think of moving. This is why you should get an apartment in places like Horgen, Zollikon, Enge, Ruschlikon, and Wadenswil. These neighborhoods have many multilingual speakers, which will significantly benefit new residents. They also have excellent schools where you can register your children if you have any.
  2. Check out housing options: Doing adequate research on your housing options before moving to Zurich is a smart decision. Do you want to stay in a fully furnished, half-furnished, or unfurnished apartment? Do you want to live privately or share a flat? It all depends on your budget though it is important to note that most properties in Zurich are unfurnished. Living privately can also be quite expensive. Students can stay in student housing apartments since they are cheaper and more convenient.
  3. Notify all necessary parties before relocation: Before you leave your present residential location, it is important to notify everyone important. Inform everyone around you - your landlord, the road traffic office, your phone company, the post office, your employer (if you have one), and your children's school authorities (if you have children) - about your decision. Sort out every arrangement that need to be made before you leave. Cancel your rental agreement with your landlord with a registered letter. Also, notify your electricity, gas, and water supplier so that they can take a final meter reading and stop sending bills in your name when you leave the apartment.
  4. Partner with a good moving company: Now, it is time to move, and you cannot do all the work alone! Choosing a good moving company to handle all your belongings is essential. For efficient and inexpensive services, moving companies in Zurich, such as BlitzTransport or Umzugsfirma.Zurich are good recommendations. These companies are fully insured, professional, reliable, and affordable, providing a 10% discount on clearance, disposal, and cleaning. They use high-quality moving boxes that will not damage your property. Even though they have strong and speedy movers, they use furniture lifts to move your furniture. One great thing to know is that they have different packages, depending on your financial level and budget.
  5. Report to your new residential district office: If you are traveling to different places within Zurich, you must report to your new residential district office about your change of residence within 14 days of moving. You can do this in person or via the Internet. However, it is not necessary to deregister at your previous residential district office.
  6. Attend social events for new residents: Now, you are all settled in your apartment but are not yet familiar with your new environment. In Zurich, most communities organize social events for newcomers where they can ask questions and get quick solutions to problems they may be facing as new residents. These communities also have special integration officers that help newcomers to get comfortable in their new environment. They even have information centers that offer services in different languages to cover for new residents who may not speak German.

Having the correct information will reduce your stress while moving into your new apartment. It will also help you settle down more quickly and easily integrate into the environment. This is why you should make the content of this article the most important part of your checklist while moving within Zurich. This way, you can experience all the beauty and serenity in the city of Zurich.

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