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5 Reasons Moving to a Small Town
Can Make You Happier

a couple moving to a small town

It’s not a secret that our environment dramatically impacts our lifestyle, mood, and productivity. It will shape our opinion, set our point of view and create priorities we care about in life. That’s why it’s easy to understand why you may have some doubts about the place you currently live in. A big city lifestyle can bring many great things – but it can also be quite challenging at the same time. Finances, all the crowd, pollution, and other factors can be challenging for some people to deal with for their whole life. Luckily, your life is in your hands, so you can make a change for the better at any time. Moving to a small town can make you happier and be a great lifestyle change – and this guide will show you all the reasons you should go for it.

1. You can use your free time on things that really make you happy

City life takes away much of our free time without us knowing it. Being busy and in a hurry is part of this lifestyle, so even if you don’t notice it, you waste a lot of time on the commute and getting around. Moving to a small town means you’ll carefully plan your outings, grocery shopping, and going to work. Without too many distractions, you can save a lot of time each day and use it to do things you love. Big city life is tempting but can also be quite challenging, which is why slowing down in a small town can make you happier.

2. Living in a small town can mean a healthier lifestyle

Living on the go and being far away from nature can often lead to an unbalanced diet, irregular physical activity, and fatigue due to long commutes. One of the benefits of moving to a small town is having more opportunities to bring balance back to your life and lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of getting stuck in traffic, you can grab your bike and visit a friend, do some gardening, or spend a day taking care of your backyard. Also, big cities come with many distractions and noise, which can significantly decrease sleep quality. Getting a house in a small town can help you get a bedroom facing your backyard – which means more peace in the nighttime instead of ambulance sirens, music, and traffic noise. Finally, many people who move to small towns decide to take up some gardening and grow their vegetables and fruits. And this means only one thing – a healthier and happier life!

a person watering plants

A healthier lifestyle and some new hobbies – your new life chapter awaits.

3. Sense of belonging and friendliness

One of the everyday things you’ll hear people say in big cities is that they don’t know their neighbors, even after living in that building for a couple of months or years. This situation has become even more common with the global pandemic and social distancing. However, living in a small town is a lot different. You’ll get to know all your neighbors; they’ll wave to you in the street and call you by your name. The connection between people in small places is much stronger, which provides them with a feeling of belonging and safety. So, even if your family doesn’t live close to your new home, you won’t necessarily feel lonely.

4. You’ll be happy to spend your money

One of the leading causes of stress in modern lifestyles is managing finances. And living in a big city can get costly. Some of the most attractive big cities come with astronomic housing prices and other living costs. Well, if you want to be happier and spend your money in a better way, start browsing those real estate websites. Small towns often have more homeowners than renters, but house prices and rents are more affordable in small towns. Furthermore, you’ll pay less for groceries, gas, taxes, and other daily expenses. And a low cost of living can make anyone happy. You can finally spend the money you earn on the things you love – travel, hobbies, a bigger house.

Remember: Moving to a new home is also something that shouldn’t concern you, even if you’re moving long-distance. Trustworthy experts can help with that, and you don’t have to break the bank. Just be sure to find an experienced team with reasonable prices and, more importantly, many satisfied customers!

a street you live in after moving to a small town

You can find more affordable, yet bigger homes in a small town.

5. You can be more productive and develop your career

It’s true that there are more opportunities in big cities. Big companies, chains of restaurants, and coffee shops will more often aim at big cities as their target market. However, this also means there’s more competition. So, living in a small town can be your chance to shine. Think about your skills and aspirations and try to use them to grow your career. People who live in small towns will often shop from small businesses than those in big cities. So, moving to a small town can make you happier if you can grow your small business within a welcoming community that cares.

a small shop

Your unique ideas and skills can turn into a super-successful business after moving to a small town.

Final words

Moving to a small town can make you happier on so many levels with less noise, pollution, distractions, and more friendly smiles. In the end, life’s simplicity attracts people who struggle with the whirlpool of a big city. But sometimes, it’s about a new perspective on life and starting a new life chapter. Adapting to a new environment can be motivating and help you realize what you’ve been running away from in your previous home. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to make a change, but start planning the move as soon as possible. On-time preparation and detailed research will help you feel secure throughout the relocation process and make sure you move as stress-free as possible.

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