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How to Make Moving Easier with Portable Storage In Melbourne

Moving somewhere but you don’t have time to transport your furniture? Now, you can easily move using a modern service solution, portable storage.

Portable storage is a service where a storage company delivers a storage unit to you, you load it, and they collect it to store. It is a convenient method to move without wasting your time.

In this article, we will cover what is portable storage for, what types of services Melbourne portable storage company should offer you, and how to use the space effectively.

Portable Storage In Melbourne

What Portable Storage Can Solve For You

Portable storage is not strictly for moving houses only. There are many uses for portable storage, such as;

  • Office furniture storage
  • Decluttering
  • Toy Rotation
  • Vehicles storage
  • Gym equipment storage

Plus, if you don’t have time to pack everything, portable storage has different types of service to choose from. Keep scrolling to find out!

Portable Storage In Melbourne

Types of Portable Storage You Should be Offered

Portable storage has four distinct services that are designed specifically for different types of storage. Those services are;

  • Portable Serviced Storage

This serviced storage is a premium, end-to-end service where the company does everything, A-Z for you. They handle the delivering, loading, and storing of the storage unit.

To ensure that the unit got to you safely, they will deliver it with a truck and forklift. Then, when they load your belongings, they will be covered with furniture blankets, bubble wrap, and tied to the railing embedded inside the storage unit.

With those measures in place, you can be rest assured that your belongings will be damage-free during transit.

  • Portable Self Storage

A bit different from the portable serviced storage, this type of portable storage allows you to load your belongings yourself. After that, the unit will be stored in the storage facility.

Once you need your belongings back, the company will send the unit back to your premises, you unload it, and they collect the empty unit back. This service is suitable for you who wants to do decluttering and toy rotation.

  • Onsite Portable Self Storage

If you need easy access to your storage unit, then this one is the best option for you. So, the company will deliver a unit to your premises and leave it for you to load and store.

Usually, along with the storage unit, you are given complimentary boxes and bubble wraps.

You can store the unit as long as you need with 24/7 access. After you are ready, you can ask the company to collect the unit with one phone call.

  • Shipping Container Hire

The last type of portable storage is shipping container hire. This service caters to people who need a huge space to store all their belongings.

Your chosen unit will be delivered to your premises and kept there until you don’t need it anymore. After that, you can request a collection of the unit and the company will come and collect it.

Portable Storage In Melbourne

How to Pack Effectively To Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

The first step to pack effectively is to know how much space you actually need. To do that, you need to measure the length (L), width (W), and height (H) of your belongings.

After that, calculate L x W x H = x m3 (cubic metre).

Note the cubic metres of your furniture. Then, ask your company how many cubic metres their unit can fit. Remember to inquire about the range of sizes. Make sure that they have the right size for you.

By calculating the space, you can plan what you can fit to leave no spare space.

The second step will be to sort your belongings into boxes for easy storing. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and furniture with a furniture blanket. That way, you prevented damage during transit.

If you find packing overwhelming, you can hire professional packing services to handle it. With their help, you can have peace of mind and focus on other aspects of the move.

Lastly, sort what you can and cannot pack. There are certain items that you are not allowed to put inside a storage unit, such as;

  • Gasoline/Petrol
  • Oil
  • Cleaning products
  • Paint
  • Gas bottles/aerosols
  • Plant/soil
  • Weapons, ammunitions, and explosives

If you have any of these things among your belongings, please sort them out and don’t put them inside the storage unit.


Now, are you sold on the idea of portable storage. This service can be the easy solution to your moving problems. With the end-to-end service you get, you can save time and money during your move.

You can also pack effectively by counting the amount of space you need. Then, sort them into boxes for easy storing. Lastly, don’t forget to sort what you can and cannot put.

Just with those easy steps, you can move a whole lot easier!

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