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How to Find the Motivation to Renovate Your Home?

Homeowners motivated and prepared for tackling a home renovation

Have you been thinking about giving your home a facelift for what feels like forever? If you’re lucky to finally be able to scratch out the factor of time and money, and a bit of inspiration is all you need, below you’ll come across some ways to find the motivation to renovate your home. With some folks, it’s as simple as reflecting on the basic benefits of home renovation, and some need a more strategic approach.

Man and woman making home improvements

If you’ve been meaning to improve the function and looks of your home, now’s the time.

What’s the struggle?

Home renovations have gained a notorious reputation among homeowners, and there are some good reasons behind that. But, primarily, it’s financial means and time. The most significant percentage of people struggle to find enough money to make home improvement their priority. And although there’re ample budget-friendly renovation solutions, the thought of checks frantically flying out of an already thin checkbook is enough to ax the idea. Others find it challenging to juggle between their working schedule, children, etc. And when they think about adding a disruption of their routine to that busy schedule, it’s no wonder they’re left with no energy, nerves, and willpower to tackle such a process.

But, if time and budget are not your most significant issue, you may find that even the excitement of picturing the end-result is, often, not enough of a drive to take action. Somehow, you can’t seem to find the motivation to renovate your home. So, you end up putting it off and justifying to yourself that this isn’t at all that important, necessary, or urgent.

How to get motivated and finally take action

Sometimes, to find the motivation to renovate your home, it helps to look at the tell-tale signs that state your home is clearly in need of a reno, as well as the advantages of undertaking such a project.


Protecting your home from the ravages of weather conditions and time doesn’t only include good maintenance but also freshening things up every once in a while. Both infrastructure and the exterior of a home decay and deteriorate. Only so much time can pass until paint chipping, walls cracking, tiles splitting, shingles buckling and such become an eyesore, and the house starts to feel old-fashioned, boring, and uncomfortable to both live in and invite your friends over.

Better quality of life

However, it’s not just the fact that old furniture and paint are visually unappealing that should push you to renovate your home. Environmental psychologists argue that the way you feel in your own home directly affects your lifestyle and mental health. According to them, having a home you love reduces stress, subconsciously improves your entire day, and increases your overall happiness. Therefore, restoring its former glory by updating the home’s style is not just a whim. Instead, it could generate new comfort once the old one peels away and a reason to smile each time you walk through the door.


When a house is twenty years old or so, it’s no wonder it requires addressing many safety issues such as roof leaks, electrical problems, etc. Even if your house is not that old, the walls still may have some hidden surprises. Therefore, checking for any signs of deterioration and improving your safety and that of your household is another reason to feel motivated to give your home an upgrade. When it comes to your home security, you can call a local locksmith to enhance the security of your home. Professional locksmiths can install additional hardware in addition to high-quality locks. Undoubtedly, this is the most paramount reason since the last thing you want is someone to get injured or your home to entirely fall to pieces. These kinds of things should never be put off.


Attracting a better profit is all the motivation some people need to tackle renovations, primarily those planning on putting their home on the market. Renovating your home is an excellent investment for both your time and money since its market value increases. That way, if you get some professional advice on what features homebuyers usually look for, you can increase its selling value by far more than it had cost you to renovate it.


In some cases, the house is entirely new and functional, but certain circumstances require specific adjustments. For starters, the arrival of a new household member may be the reason you need more square footage, wash and wear paint, or even a second bathroom to make those busy mornings significantly easier. Next to a growing family, home renovation can be motivated by necessity in the case of empty-nesters as well. Adjusting the home to your needs as a senior in terms of practicality and accessibility is principal for your safety and health.

Man and woman with a child looking at each other

People often start renovating their home due to a new addition to the family, or to adjust it to their age.

Automate your behavior

If yours is the second case, you’re probably aware of all of the benefits but simply struggle to bring yourself to do it. In this case, automating your behavior, or at least the early stages of it, is a wise idea. Motivation is more often the effect of action than the cause for it.

The reason for this is a common misconception people have about motivation – many aren’t aware that motivation comes only after you’ve taken the initial step. This is why sitting in one place and crossing your fingers that you feel motivated enough tomorrow to start remodeling your home is futile, and possibly the reason why you never got round to doing what you wanted. Starting a task is the hardest thing, but once you’ve crossed that mental threshold, the progress will naturally entail.

But how to start?

  1. Put it in your schedule and stick to it. Stop waiting around for bits of motivation and be the one who strikes instead. If you set the exact date and time to start your home renovation, you are more likely to follow through because it puts your behavior on autopilot in a way, regardless of whether you feel like it that day or don’t.
  2. Set a reminder for that time in your schedule. A certain routine you do every day right before you start with the renovation tasks helps shift the mindset and kickstarts your further action. This should be something as easy as putting on your working clothes. This pattern sends signals to your mind that this is what happens right before you move on to doing the actual work. As it gets tied to your performance, the performance itself becomes easier.
  3. Change your mindset. Firstly, this is not about achieving a glamorous, luxurious home that looks like it came straight from a magazine. Even the smallest modification can make a big difference and a big step towards your goal. Secondly, remember that walking into your living space and loving everything you see makes everything worth the sacrifice. Thirdly, don’t think about the whole process as a sacrifice in the first place because it takes all of the fun out of it. Embrace the fact that creating a home you love can be an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your family, and you will easily find the motivation to renovate it.
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