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What Are the Most Popular Types of Bidets?

Bidets are becoming more popular, thanks to public recognition that they provide a better clean and are better for the environment. But there are many different types of bidets to choose from; how can you choose the best one for your bathroom?

Types of Bidets

These are the main categories of the bidets that you'll find for sale...

  • The standalone “toilet” style bidet. The traditional bidet is a standalone bidet that looks somewhat like a toilet and usually occupies a bathroom reasonably close to the conventional toilet. This is still a popular model in Europe and other areas where bidets are common, since many of the homes are already fitted with pipes to support such a device. However, if you're going to install one in a home that's not currently equipped for it, you could face some serious challenges. Installing this type of bidet may require you to make major renovations to your bathroom and will likely be more expensive than the other types of bidets.
  • The seat replacement bidet. Seat replacement bidets are designed to replace the seat of your conventional toilet. All you'll have to do is remove your existing toilet seat and replace it with this one, hooking up a water attachment for convenient use. Most people find these to be convenient, easy to install, and intuitive to use all at the same time. They're also much less expensive than their standalone counterparts.
  • The attachment style bidet. Similarly, you could consider an attachment style bidet. This device doesn't require any changes to your toilet seat or your plumbing. Instead, all you'll need to do is attach the device you supply and use it independently.

Other Variables to Consider

Even within these categories, you'll find significant variation from different models and styles of bidets. These are some of the most important variables to consider if you're interested in purchasing one.

  • Ease of installation. Some bidets are easier to install than others. Some are specifically designed to be as easy to install as possible, requiring only one or two tools and a few minutes of your time. Others require pre-existing infrastructure, and even then, it may be expensive or time-consuming to get the device in place. Thanks to the information available online, you can review installation instructions before buying any model so you know what you're getting yourself into.
  • Brand reputation. As with any other consumer product, some brands have a better reputation than others. Make sure to do your due diligence and evaluate the quality of the company offering the product before committing to a purchase.
  • Look and style. Let’s not neglect the aesthetics of your bathroom. Some bidets are designed to be as minimalistic as possible, blending into the rest of your bathroom without external observers even noticing that they’re there. Others are a bit more superfluous, with more features and design elements standing out.
  • Comfort options. Are there any features or dimensions that are designed for personal comfort? Or do you have personal preferences that lead you to one style of bidet over another? For example, if you’re getting a seat style bidet, is it designed with cushioning so it’s comfortable while sitting?
  • Attachments and functionality. You may also want to consider the attachments and functionality associated with the bidet you're purchasing. Are you able to adjust the direction the water flows? Can you control the temperature or the intensity of the stream? Are there different attachments that can lead you to a totally different experience? You may be able to customize your experience slightly by swapping in different attachments, but always make sure to evaluate the initial attachments first.
  • Reviews. One of the best ways to research a potential purchase is to look at consumer reviews. What do people who bought this product think of it? What average rating do they give it? What are the key strengths and weaknesses that make it unique? Make sure you look at reviews from a variety of sources so you can judge their authenticity.
  • Pricing. Simple bidet attachments can run as little as $35. If you need to renovate your entire bathroom to fit a standalone bidet, you might end up paying thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. The range is extremely wide, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Which Bidet Is Right for You?

No matter which type of device you choose for your bathroom, you'll still enjoy the same benefits of using a bidet. You'll be much cleaner after using the bathroom, you'll use less toilet paper, and you'll be much more comfortable overall. If you're having trouble making the best decision for you and your needs, consider trying a few different bidets before making a final decision.

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