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7 Mood-Altering Garden Transformation Ideas
for a Relaxed Mind

mood altering garden

These stressful times dictate a rhythm that doesn't do much good for our mental health. People are feeling overwhelmed with information, obligations, and difficult news.

A relaxed mind is what we need when we come back to our homes so that we can decompress and recuperate. Our state of mind is deeply affected by things around us, so it's only natural we surround ourselves with things that make us feel food and at ease. Maybe we can't do it at work or wherever we need to go during the day but we can certainly do it in our gardens.

You could transform your garden in such a way that it also transforms your mood when you step into it. And an improved mood will make it easier to step into the state of relaxation. There are many benefits of gardening. Here is what you can do for your garden and yourself.

1. Give yourself privacy

When you're at home, you need to feel that you managed to escape the outside world - which is the prerequisite of achieving a relaxed state of mind. Creating some sort of a fence is the way to do it - you will not only forget about the world outside that you can't see but you will also have a sense of security, which is equally important.

No need to block out the view around your garden completely but you need something substantial to hide away from the world. It's important to colour the fence in a colour that will go well with the rest of the landscape. The point of the fence is to protect and give privacy, not to disrupt the harmony. Before you build a fence, though, experts at Saws Hub recommend you check local codes and your homeowner's association guidelines to determine if you need a permit.

2. Mirror effect

If you notice a dark, gloomy corner in your garden, don't let it stay that way - it won't do good for your mind to look at it. It's better to place a weatherproof mirror there, which will then reflect the rest of the garden, creating a magical effect of a larger space thriving in greenery.

3. Mood-improving plants

Of course, any plant can improve your mood just by looking at it. However, certain species make it faster and more effective, usually because of their natural scents. You should consider planting some of them in your garden to soothe your mind faster and relieve stress.

For example, the substance linalool has a calming effect on a person's mind, which is why you should plant lavender, basil, lilac, and jasmine to decorate the garden. You can also plant night-scented stock or even pelargoniums under your windows because they will give off a wonderful warming scent during cold winter days - truly comforting.

Just remember that a garden full of plants spread all over the place requires a lot of water and a good hose accompanied by a durable hose reel to reach all of the corners.

4. Overgrow your plants on purpose

In some countries such as Norway or Sweden, people let their gardens grow a bit wild. We all know how we feel great in the wilderness - we seek solitude there, we visit it for contemplation and to clear our heads. So, it could be very effective to achieve a similar effect inside your garden. Put your pruning sheers down and see what happens after a month. Sometimes nature surprises the most when we let it run its own course. Of course, water the plants and keep them well-fed but give up the usual control - you may like what you see and it may also feel you more in touch with your wild, instinctive self.

5. Outdoor living room

We like our living rooms - we relax there, read a book, or take a refreshing nap. Your garden can become a truly comfortable place if you turn one part of it in an outdoor living room. A soft, comfy sofa to lay on while looking at the flowers blooming can do a lot for an unsettled mind. Adding to the decor and comfort with plump cushions and an outdoor rug will create a homey, warm ambience that will fit perfectly into the easiness provided by the greenery and fresh air.

6. Sound of water

Just like the sound of birds chirping or leaves rustling, the sound of water has a calming effect on our troubled minds. People have always been drawn by water because it is the source of life. The sound of murmuring water has a soothing effect on us because we associate it with security, abundance, cleanliness, and life itself.

Just a small fountain can do wonders for you when you step into your garden, weary and worried. A tiny pond reflecting the clear, blue sky will put you into a relaxed mood, helping you to let go of your worries.

7. Bee-friendly

You may like to provide a home for bees in your garden. A hive can be positioned in a far corner, help your trees and plants to fertilize, and be a boost to the ecology of your neighborhood. Or you may simply want to make your garden more bee-friendly - this can make a huge difference for the bees and help preserve the environment. Learn more: 12 Best Flowers for Bees & How to Create a Bee Garden.

All in all

Your garden is your escape, meaning you need to make it as closer to nature as possible, and as closer to you, as well. When you feel yourself inside that garden and you feel you are a part of that natural cycle of life, that's when you will be at complete ease.

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