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Modern Trends in Bathroom Design

All places in the house can be cozy, and the bathroom is no exception. Every new year fashion presents new ideas, not only when choosing clothes, but also in the interior. Unlike clothes, which can be changed with every new season, the design of a house or apartment is made for more than one year and takes a lot of energy and time.

The trend towards naturalness has touched not only kitchens and bedrooms, it has also reached bathrooms. To create a modern bathroom design, every person needs to know a few important features of the 2020s. Let's see what has already gone out of fashion, and what will be on the wave of popularity for the next decade:

1. Brass

Brass has long been sending to the dustbin of history, nevertheless, this material is still at the peak of popularity. And according to trendsetters, it will continue to be actively used in bathroom interiors.

2. Freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are another luxury item, a 100% must-have for the trendy interior of the future decade. They add luxury and extravagance to the interior, and their sculptural shape gives your bathroom a modern look. Freestanding tub fillers are also necessary for a freestanding bathtub, you can find some best freestanding tub fillers here at

3. Black bathtubs

Is the black color good for a bathroom? Yes! Especially when it comes to a freestanding bathtub. A black bathtub will add a little drama and chic to the bathroom interior. In combination with the right fitting and plumbing, you can achieve an impressive effect and make it the protagonist in a calm space.

4. Solid stone sinks

There is an interesting way to attract attention - to place a basin mixer on the side of the sink. It looks fresh and unusual. Plus, it's practical. If you have a narrow bathroom, this can save space. In terms of forms, a vessel boat sink is at its peak. Such solid stone sinks look very stylish and chic.

5. Built-in lighting

New technologies give rise to new innovative solutions in the field of built-in lighting. Thanks to constant progress, integrated lighting can now be found in bathrooms almost everywhere - in furniture, mirrors, bathtubs, shower-heads and cabins. It allows not only to make the space brighter, but also to give it visual lightness, to emphasize the architectural merits, to create the right atmosphere and mood, and much more.

6. Onyx

As the popularity of warm colors in bathroom design grows, white marble gradually fades into the background, giving way to more cozy natural stones. For example, onyx. It is likely that in the future, this stone will completely replace white marble.

7. Mirrors in frames

The days of naked bathroom mirrors are a thing of the past. Today, a beautiful frame is considered a special chic. Whether classic or modern, such a mirror will immediately become the main element of the decor in any space!

8. Figure tiles

Enough having boring square and rectangular tiles. The future belongs to new shapes: hexagons, rhombuses, scales, and so on. In addition, special attention is paid to non-standard styling. This is a great way to impress, especially when choosing solid color options.

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