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Top Mistakes in Home Décor Using Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential part of interior décor. Mirrors can make a dark room brighter, make a small room look bigger, add to the beauty of the home, increase the value of the home and increase the comfort derived from being in the home.

These are just some of the benefits mirrors provide. However, are you using them the right way? It is not enough to just put them everywhere. That is why we will be looking at the common mistakes to be avoided when using wall mirrors as part of your home décor, whether it is interior or exterior.

Why Cannot Place Wall Mirrors Anywhere We Want

wall mirrors

Mirrors cannot be hung on every wall or anywhere we desire because, as an essential part of décor, using it comes with some directives. A large part of the rules is in accordance with Feng shui, while some of them are based on good taste and others to just uphold simple standards.

Feng shui refers to a group of rules believed to direct spatial arrangement in tandem with the flow of energy.

Common Mistakes in Home Décor Using Wall Mirrors


Mirrors in the bedroom is a common décor mistake. Wall mirrors can add life to a dull room amongst other things. The bedroom or any space dedicated to sleeping should be for just that – sleep. A mirror can get in the way of sleeping and may cause disturbance. According to Feng shui, mirrors affect peaceful sleep and should be avoided in the bedroom.

wall mirrors

If you want a mirror in the room, avoid placing it where it reflects the image of the bed as this can bounce energy and keep you awake while you are trying to get some sleep.

wall mirrors

You could also cover the mirror when it is time to sleep, if you cannot do without mirrors in the room. This is encouraged because mirrors reflect body parts while sleeping, and this is believed to cause medical troubles in Feng shui rules.


Another common mistake in home décor is placing a mirror on the external part of the door to a home. According to Feng shui rules, mirrors hung across the front door will send good opportunities and wealth out of the door.

wall mirrors

Not only that, it is believed that this will bounce off positive energy from the home. The door or main entrance of the home is very important because it is where the energy in the home comes from.

As a result, hanging mirrors outside the door or on the entrance of the home is discouraged. This not only keeps positive energy away but also attract and bring in negative energy into the home.

A remedy to this is to hang your mirror if you want one by the entrance on the same wall as the front door.

wall mirrors

Feng shui believes that the energy in the kitchen is fire and when not controlled, can destroy.

Mirror backsplash is encouraged in the kitchen but this should not be placed above a fireplace or where it can reflect the burner or stove. It is better for the mirror to reflect the kitchen door instead.

Also, placing mirrors too high makes it hard to control what the reflection captures. Mirrors should not reflect random items. If there is a need to place something so high, hang a piece of art instead and hang the mirror on another wall where it is not placed too high beyond reach.

wall mirrors

Not all mirrors are meant to be hanged and this is a common mistake especially for full length mirrors.There are so many shapes and colors, designer mirrors and accessories. You can lean full length mirrors on the wall instead of hanging them.

This makes the room look bigger as well as serve as a decorative piece with the oversized reflections of objects that can be seen in the mirror.

This also makes the mirror a focal point in the room, adding beauty to the space.

wall mirrors

Feng shui discourages using mirrors without frames. A common mistake that occurs especially in the bathroom is that sinks come with frameless mirrors to be mounted on the wall.

Rather, change this to a mirror with frame. You can get one from Fab Glass and Mirrors. Using mirrors with frames in the bathroom adds glam to the visuals in the bathroom and brightens the bathroom ambience.

Solutions to the Common Mistakes Made When Hanging Mirrors

Have you made one or more of the mistakes above? These are some of the ways to get things back in order.

  • Since mirrors are discouraged in the bedroom according to feng shui, there are other ways to incorporate this. Mirrors in the bedroom can be placed at an angle that does not reflect the bed or the people sleeping on it. Another solution is to cover the mirror when it is time to sleep.
  • Mirrors outside the front door or immediately you open the door is bad for feng shui. You can instead place the mirror in the foyer where it does not face the door. This enlarges the space if the place looks small. You can also hang the mirror on the same wall as the door, that way, the mirror is not the first thing you see when the door is opened.
  • In the kitchen, place the mirrors at an angle that does not reflect the fire of the burner or stove. A good way to also use mirrors in the kitchen is mirror backsplash. Use it above the kitchen sink such that it reflects the door. This allows you to see what the children are up to while you are busy and helps you monitor who goes in and out.
  • Full length mirrors do not need to be hanged. Lean them against the wall to add some style and glamour to the room.
  • Replace all unframed mirrors in the home with framed ones. You can get all you need at Fab Glass and Mirrors. You can also call a professional to help install frames if it is possible to.
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