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Maxave - Convenient and Reliable Push to Open Drawer Slides

The Maxave push to open soft close drawer slides takes out every barrier to using your drawer and opens it in seconds, especially for people with limited hand mobility or arthritis. Whether you're looking for quick and easy accessibility or just looking for a drawer to open in seconds, Maxave will let you do it quickly and easily.

Adjustable Bench Bottom & Table Top Options

Maxave offers flexible seating to fit your needs and helps you stay comfortable as well as on top of your surroundings. Adjustable sitting positions let you stay on top of your personal space, even during your workday. Once you're seated, Maxave's end table with wireless charging top slider allows you to slide it up and down to provide a comfortable, secure, safe, and hygienic way to open and close your drawer.

The depth of the drawer opening goes up to 20 cm and can slide up and down 20 cm in depth, making it easier to open and close. Once it's closed, it can be closed by pushing hard on the top of the drawer, so it will close tightly and tightly close the drawer. best solar street light manufacturer

Opening and Closing Maxave With Only Two Hands

With only two hands to push on the top of the drawer, you'll never have to struggle to open a drawer or drawer drawer unit. The bottom of the drawer slides out and in so quickly, you can close it as fast as you can close a regular drawer.

Maxave Tabletop Drawers - Open & Close Quickly

The bottom of the drawer slides out with ease so you can simply open the drawer. Once it's open, you can easily close it by pulling hard on the top and locking it into position. Just push on the top and it closes quickly.

Open and Close Maxave Drawer Unit in Seconds

The bottom of the drawer slides out so fast, you can close it as fast as you can close a regular drawer. Just lock the top of the drawer in place by pushing hard on it, then the bottom will open and close the drawer.

The same goes for the drawer unit. Once you're seated and the drawer is closed, just lock the top to the unit and it's secured for safety.

Making Yourself Insecure

Over the years, the temptation has grown to open cabinets and drawers in your home or office, particularly on items that are hard to open by just one hand. Every little bit of extra accessibility can help keep you on top of your space and keep you in control of your personal space. It's time to push all of the barriers that limit you and see if there's a way you can make yourself more secure.

Maxave Tabletop Drawers - Give Yourself Some Much Needed Accessibility

With Maxave, it's easy to give yourself access to your own personal space so you can stay on top of your personal space.

Get In On The Way Up & Get Out At The Top

With Maxave, it's easy to keep your drawer unit open to just above the bottom of your drawers, so you can easily access your drawers and keep it clean and safe.

Get Out At The Top & Make Yourself Afraid

It's a huge deterrent to open a drawer and close it, unless you're a lot more confident and comfortable with your personal space.

If your drawer unit is currently closed and you're afraid of it, just lock it down on Maxave. It takes a second to lock it down on Maxave, but it's super secure so it doesn't open or close once it's locked.

Protect Your Property & Need Us More Now?

If you'd like to find out more about Maxave and how easy it is to use and make yourself secure in your personal space, just give us a call. We'd be happy to introduce you to our line of Maxave furniture and give you more information about the benefits of our high quality furniture for any type of space or personal use.

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