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Makita Impact Driver for Your Housework

What power tools are essential at home? There are several irreplaceable tools for changing or fixing something. For example, improving and decorating the bathroom, repairing wiring, or hanging some kind of shelf on the wall a person always needs a drill and impact driver. UK Planet Tools online store offers the best quality tools for all these tasks.

Makita Impact Driver

Makita impact drill will help to drill a hole of the required diameter within a few seconds. The impact driver is sometimes called the younger brother of the drill. However, its modern versions allow it to be among the most effective tools for housework. Makita impact driver UK has an electronic 3-stage impact power selection (Hard/Medium/Soft). That allows you to consider the type of surface and material you are working with. 

Makita drill and impact driver sets will be a significant purchase or compelling gift for those who understand the difference in the efficiency of these instruments. While the main purpose of the drill is to drill holes, the main function of a driver is to work with fasteners. Its main task is to tighten and unscrew bolts and screws. 

Superiority of Makita combi drill and impact driver

For greater mobility and independence of a craftsman from outer circumstances, UK Planet Tools online store offers Makita combi drill and impact driver. It is characterized by the following advantages:

  • possibility to limit the torque and avoid damage to the fasteners
  • possibility of application in hard-to-reach places, due to the compactness of the device
  • there is no need for strong pressure when tightening screws, which allows you to save their caps 
  • high wear resistance of the tool
  • independence from electrical networks, voltage drop, etc.

Professionals prefer to buy their tools in UK Planet Tools online store since here you will find drills and impact drivers of well-known manufacturers for different tasks. Makita drill and impact set is the best choice due to its universality and reliability. 

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