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How to Make a Relaxing Bedroom to
Ease Your Mind This Winter

Relaxing Bedroom

The modern way of life takes a lot out of our energy away. Fast-paced temp coupled with an ever-increasing list of stressful situations can be hard to manage and, it's completely understandable why anyone can feel overwhelmed and drained. Luckily, there is a secret that we can use to our advantage, and that's our bedroom. Offering us solace and rest from the outside world the bedroom can be considered our bastion of peace.

As we spend almost the third of our lives in it, our bedroom should be tailored to be the best as possible. And with a couple of slight modifications, it can be a valuable ally in our quest for inner peace.

1. The right mattress matters

Shoes and mattresses are things that we should always consider investing in. As we spend most of our lives on our feet, the right footwear is essential for our comfort and health. The same logic applies to our mattresses as nothing can match a good night sleep. Laying down, or simply falling on, a well-made, comfortable and cloud-like mattress is the best way to start stress releasing.

As you allow yourself to drift away and your mattress to take you on a relaxing journey, any earthly stress bounds will simply melt away. Consider your mattress as a foundation for your sleep and recharge station. Then, you will soon realize the importance of it. We understand that it can be a costly investment, but rest assured that spending a single cozy night on a quality mattress will surely change your mind.

2. The importance of colours

Choosing a colour palette and theme mostly relies on your taste and what you want to accomplish with your bedroom. Soothing and relaxing effects come with a dominant blue or green colour. Green is the colour of nature and, it helps us to remember that we are part of it. While nothing substitutes a camping trip and the experience of sleeping in the woods, this is the closest thing to it. The blue palette is a soothing colour choice to make. Drifting in the sky or floating on the water can relax even and de-stress just about anyone and, this palette can help you achieve just that.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the more vibrant and energetic colours like red, yellow or their offspring, orange. Different people recharge in different ways and, that's great! If you wish for your bedroom to fill you with positive energy and kick start your day with something bright, opt for this side of the colour spectrum.

3. Decoration

In your bedroom, less is more. Having a bedroom cluttered with items or clothes, just thrown around, reflects on your mental wellbeing. As you aim to clear your mind and relax from earthly worries, so too must your space reflect your thoughts. A simple tidying up is of course recommended but taking an objective look at your bedroom and removing anything excessive is the next step.

Bed, closet and maybe one more piece of furniture is ideal as far as individual set pieces go. Your windows should be cleared of any obstructions and clutter as well. Decorating them with subtle curtains in relaxing tones that complement the room is an excellent way to greet a new day.

4. Open up your bedroom

Since we touched on the subject of sunlight, it's important to note just how much influence the Sun has on our lives and wellbeing. Besides helping our bodies produce the much-needed vitamin D, it also affects our mental well-being. The Sun helps us stay optimistic as it can bring hope with each sunrise and hopes with every sunset. Starting the day by opening your bedroom windows and door is a way of greeting the world and letting the energy flow. On the other side when you need your private time and want to disconnect from everything closing the curtains and bedroom door is perfectly acceptable.

5. Ditch the tech

On the topic of disconnecting, there is no better example than expelling any tech devices from your bedroom. If you are working from home, this goes double for you. Being available at all times and connected to everything and everyone is taxing and exhausting. By keeping your work laptop in your bedroom, you are automatically connecting work to that place, which is not healthy or recommended in any way.

Even if you find this a little thing, moving your work to any other room is much better than your bedroom. The same applies to your phone. Leave it outside, on mute. Once you enter your bedroom, your only goals should be to rest, sleep, meditate and recharge. The world can wait and, it owes that much to you. A simple alarm clock is all you need to wake you up and, all your tech will be waiting outside the door.

6. Activating all the senses

Namely, your sense of smell is a key factor. The very aroma of a certain smell is more than enough to trigger various reactions in our brain and memories. If you want to emulate a woodland camping experience, or being by the seaside or maybe at a lush meadow, all you need is a single scented candle. Also, you can light a few of them to create the right mood for you. Either romantic or relaxing, however you feel at the moment can be expressed via candles.

Making your fortress of solitude, in which you can be yourself and prepare for anything the world wants to throw at you, is easier than you think. By simply starting and taking small steps, you are already on the road for a more relaxed you. Being the best starts from your bed and the quality of sleep that you get. Those serve as foundations for your daily activities and rhythm. And when you have topped off batteries derived from your save bedroom haven, you can do just about anything you wish.

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