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How to Make Your Home Office More Professional

Despite the fact that most people are back at the office since the pandemic, there are many businesses that are continuing to work from home Monday. They realise that the employees are happier working from home rather than working in an office environment and paying to commute every day. They also realise that when they have all their employees at home working in home offices, the overheads are less. The thing is, a home office isn’t always the most professional space and if you own the business rather than just work for one, you need your home office to be as professional as possible.

It’s not rocket science to want space in your home that’s professionally decorated so that you can concentrate on your work. In this space, you feel like you are in a workplace which can make you feel more focused and motivated to the job at hand. If you are running a business from home, you might already have postal mailbox services with street address in place. If you are new to working from home and all you need to do is have a look at the tips below and how you can make your home office feel and look more professional.

Home Office
  • Buy an actual desk. The first step to having a professional look for your home office is with a functional desk. It’s about more than sitting at the dining table and working; you need something ergonomic at the right height with the right amount of space for everything you need on top of it. A professional and productive home office needs a desk that has the perfect height for your office chair, and it should be able to hold your computer or laptop. If you plan to see clients in your home office, you may want to make your desk long enough to be able to sit across from each other at a table. 
  • You need storage. Now that you have the right office desk and chair, you need to make sure you have all your essentials to hand. Any well-equipped home office needs to have storage, but it doesn’t have to be a filing cabinet stacked against the wall. There are plenty of cute home office units that you can buy that will accommodate all of your needs.
  • Invest in the right technology. When you’re working from home you may need access to a printer, or a photocopier. Shop around with the local stationery stores and find out which would be the best option for you. Often, people save space in their home offices by getting a Combi machine. This is one that will scan, print and copy all in one. The right technology and the right software will help you to manage your working day and streamline your processes from home.
  • Light it up. You may not install the LED fluorescent lighting in the ceiling in strips that washes everybody out and makes you look like a ghost, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need good lighting. Make sure that your home office has a big open window so that you have as much natural light falling onto your desk as possible. Good lighting prevents eye strain, makes you feel more invigorated, and makes you feel less tired. A dark dingy office also doesn’t really inspire much, so the right lighting can make a difference.
  • Invest in an indoor garden. Whether it’s with window boxes or a corner of your office, you should invest in new plants. Indoor plants can help you to improve your productivity by up to 50%, and they naturally filter the air in your home. Small plants that you can tend to throughout the day can also help you to reduce your stress and tension, which can often be helpful in a stressful business world. Plants can also add some colour to a neutral space, which can make a big difference in the way you feel about working there. You get total control over which plants and flowers you choose for your home office, which makes it a much more exciting adventure.

More than anything, a professional home office setup requires you to enjoy the space you are working in. There’s no need to sit on the bed or sit on the couch in your pajamas working any more. Even if you only decorate and use a corner of your room, you can make your office look more professional at home and feel more like a workplace and not blend it too much to your home life.

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