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13 Tips to Maintain a Solar Panel System

Solar Panel System

A solar panel is widely used in buildings for producing electricity. However, installing a new system is a challenging one that requires support from a leading company. It is necessary to maintain the system in a good condition for enhancing longevity.

Besides, maintaining the same will help to avoid high repair costs and other things to a large extent. A building owner should understand everything about the installation process in detail which gives ways to perform maintenance works with ease.

Moreover, it will help handle complex issues that affect the installation and other things to improve the functions.

Here are some tips to follow when it comes to solar panel maintenance.

  1. Time-to-time Inspection

Since solar panels are mostly installed in high locations, they are likely to damage. Not only that, they face an accumulation of waste particles that can affect their performance. A solar panel needs a time-to-time inspection to evaluate the defects and problems caused during uncertain climatic conditions.

A solar panel company will help building owners to perform the inspection works with the best practices to ensure optimal results.

  1. Cleaning Dirt and Debris

Although some roof panels don’t require any cleaning in some locations, they need extra care from dirt and debris. Snow and leaves can reduce the performance levels of a system that needs proper cleaning.

Most solar panels come with glass and there is no need to buy any special tools for cleaning purposes. Building owners can use a soft cloth to wipe a panel and avoid using a detergent-based cleanser.

  1. Examining the Components of a System

While cleaning a solar panel system, building owners should consider examining the parts regularly to increase efficiency. They should check the conditions of the mounting rack, wires, and other parts to check for any water damage or other problems.

An early inspection will help a lot to prevent the panel from expensive repairs.

  1. Keeping a Check on Energy Usage

A building owner should consider keeping a check on energy usage online or by installing an app on a smartphone. This, in turn, gives ways to spot any dead panels that aren’t producing power.

Furthermore, keeping a check on energy usage provides ways to evaluate the issues that can affect the performance of a panel system.

  1. Sun and Shade Monitoring

It is imperative to make sure that a solar panel is in the sun for many hours. The system needs a location that gets maximum exposure to the sun.

On the other hand, trees can grow over the years and the patterns of sunshades may change. Therefore, building owners should monitor the shading properly that will help improve the panel conditions.

  1. Cleaning Battery Terminals

The battery is the most important component meant for storing energy. However, it may face corrosion problems and building owners should consider cleaning the battery terminals with more attention. This will help protect a panel from various problems to experience peace of mind.

  1. Battery Care

Building owners should keep batteries in a moderate and consistent temperature from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Charging batteries fully once every month gives ways to stop weaker batteries from getting worse.

  1. Checking the Cracks

Regular solar panel maintenance involves checking the cracks in the panel covers or cells because it helps to enhance the conditions significantly. Cracks can reduce energy generation and detecting them earlier will result in major advantages.

  1. Examining the Poor Connection in Solar Cell Strings

A poor connection in solar cell strings may reduce energy production. Hence, building owners should examine the same carefully that will help obtain optimal results. Another thing is that it paves ways to enhance the performance levels of a system effectively.

  1. Fixing Hot Spots

Hot spots can speed up the degradation of solar cells that will result in several issues. Those who are having a solar system should consider fixing the problem which paves ways to get the desired outputs.

  1. Replacing Broken Glass

Broken glass in a solar system is susceptible to weather damages that require high care to prevent the same. Building owners should consider replacing the same for improving the performance levels.

An ideal glass must withstand climate changes and other problems to get high protection from potential threats.

  1. Examining the Junction Box

A defective junction box can leave a solar panel in an open circuit and building owners should examine the same properly. It is imperative to replace the junction box for improving the working conditions of a system.

  1. Preventing Water Vapor

Water vapor can cause snail trails in water panels that can result in microcracks. Building owners should know how to prevent microcracks from forming which pave ways to keep the system in a perfect state.

They can choose reliable encapsulation materials for this problem that will help lower unwanted complications.

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