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Cooling Perfection: Discover the Magic of Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Magic of Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero started from humble beginnings as a family business in 1945. Since then, it has become a megabrand synonymous with premium kitchen appliances for luxury and high-end kitchens. While Sub-Zero refrigerators carry a sustainable price tag, it is well warranted.

These refrigerators combine clever engineering and state-of-the-art cooling technology with sleek design to make them stand a class above the rest. In this article, learn more about what makes Sub-Zero refrigerators special and what they can do for you.

Food Cooling and Preservation

Sub-Zero’s name says it all, with a remarkable cooling capability that quickly takes food temperature down to lock in freshness. Furthermore, the refrigerators with integrated freezers have dual compressors that prevent the air from these two units from mingling and causing unwanted odor transfer and frost build-up in the freezer.

Additionally, the integrated NASA-inspired air purification cleans the air inside the refrigeration unit every 20 minutes to eradicate contaminants such as germs, viruses, and mold spores, keeping food safe from exterior elements. This, paired with their patented active vacuum door seal system, precision temperature, and humidity control, keeps food preserved longer.

Design Flexibility

Sub-Zero refrigerators were the first ones manufactured at counter depth, so they don’t exceed the width of normal countertops. While shallower than other fridges, this inventive design choice had a secondary effect of making food stored inside more accessible.

There are a variety of configurations, capacities, and widths to choose from that come as built-ins with custom panels, stainless steel exteriors, and professional glass finishes. These include the following:

  • Built-in bottom freezer

  • Built-in French door re

  • Built-in glass door

  • Built-in side-by-side

  • Column (no freezer)

  • Compact

  • Freezer under Fridge

  • Refrigerated drawers

  • Wine coolers and beverage centers

Furthermore, all Sub-Zero refrigerators feature innovative interior design elements, such as:

  • Their signature stainless steel interior trims

  • Adjustable interior and door shelves

  • Clear Nano-coated glass shelving that is stronger and easier to clean

  • Patented LearSight™ Lighting, which completely illuminates interiors with LED lights overhead, under each of the shelves, and in crisper drawers

  • A night mode feature that automatically reduces interior lighting by 90% in dimmer environments

Long Durability

Designed to last, a Sub-Zero refrigerator goes under rigorous stress and resistance testing in different environments. Every component, from electronics to door hinges, is tested repeatedly to reduce the chances of any faulty mechanical or electrical error.

Unlike conventional appliance testing that normally tests a sample from a manufactured batch, each Sub-Zero fridge is meticulously scrutinized for defects or design flaws before shipping. This level of quality assurance is why Sub-Zero refrigerators function perfectly for up to 20 years. These fridges are built to last, handling even the most demanding kitchen use.

In the End

For over 75 years, Sub-Zero has been a leader in quality refrigeration, continuously improving its technology and design. With expert cooling systems, prolonged food preservation, and stylish design options, Sub-Zero refrigerators are surely some of the best money can buy - and you can find a range of them at DNJ. They are high-end luxury kitchen appliances that can elevate any kitchen space with style and functionality.

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