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Luxury Vinyl Tiles vs Laminate

Although there are many luxurious and affluent flooring choices available, sometimes we just need something cheap, cheerful and practical with lots of ease of maintenance. That’s why laminate and luxury vinyl tiles are so popular, more affordable and practical than natural products such as stone and wood. Both of them offer incredible durability and practicality, but how exactly do they compare to each other when we compare them like for like?



Laminate has been popular in homes for many years, but what is the reason for this? Like LVT, laminate replicates natural products such as stone and wood flawlessly that often it’s impossible to tell them apart. It is made up of a number of layers, which are then topped off with a photo image of the desired surface area with an added protective layer. Its manufacture means it looks almost identical to the material it is trying to replicate, but with added protection and at a cheaper price! Can’t go wrong really.

Laminate also has a nice straight forward installation system, called the ‘click in’, ideal if you’re not into DIY and there’s no need to hire an expensive floor installer. As well as this, you don’t lose any modern durability with this fantastic flooring. It will last for years without showing wear, as well as being resistant to scratches, stains and water. However, do be careful of laying it in rooms that see a high exposure to this, as they can cause damage.

One of laminate’s beat features is that it is very easy to keep clean and to clean. It will take a while for it to show the dirt and even when it does it needs little attention to keep it looking spic and span.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Vinyl has been used in households for many years, however it is only recently that it has been developed into the highly sophisticated luxury vinyl tiles of today. A lot of us think of the outdated, ugly sheet vinyl from the 1970s but this simply isn’t the case. It has grown enormously in popularity over the years, with incredible durability, as well as replicating natural products beautifully such as wood, stone and tiles, much like laminate in fact.

LVT has a highly protective wear layer, offering that much needed durability and protection against any domestic abuse, such as scratches, stains and water. It is completely full proof against these, which makes it the perfect option for rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen which see high exposure to these. We’d recommend LVT as the best option if you have a busy family household, or simply just need something highly practical that you don’t need to worry about. Your LVT will stand up to whatever is thrown at it, from pet’s claws to toddlers dropping their dinner all over it, as well as standing the test of time and good looks. As well as this, LVT can be used alongside under-floor heating, something that is popping up more and more.

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