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Long Distance Moves: Plan Your Move With Us!

Long Distance Move

Long distance moves are undoubtedly very chaotic. It’s not easy to pack all things that you have been using for years and set off. Is it as simple as regular traveling? No, it's not. Proper planning and supervising are highly needed for this work.

Are you thinking of making a plan to move long distances? If yes, this article is perfect for you. We will discuss the concept of long-distance moves, things you should keep in mind for the move, and so on. We will help you to plan a smooth move. So, without wasting any more time, start reading with us.

What Is Long Distance Moves?

Before we discuss any further, you need to have a clear idea about the concept first. In simple words, when you move your home more than 400 miles, it is considered as long distance moves. But of course, there are many more details about that.

If you travel or shift your home within the 100 miles of your current home, it’s a local move. Though both have a lot of similarities, please don't mix them up. In the long-distance move, you will need more planning, money, time, and labor. It’s also named as long-haul move, country move, or interstate move. It depends on your moving place. If you move to a different country, it will be called a country move.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind for Long Distance Move

Moving is never an easy thing to do. Now, if it's a long-distance one, you surely need to do a lot of things. On the hassle of moving, it’s not shocking to forget about some basic stuff. We are here to help you with that. Let's see some basic things that you need to keep in mind while making a long move.

1. Plan Out Things

Before doing anything else, you need to make a proper plan. When to move, how to move, how many things you need to take, transportation, time, everything is required to be pre-planned. You can’t just say, “Hey, let’s move today!”

So, sit with your family. Discuss the moving and plan out everything in detail.

2. Make List

You definitely have a lot of items in your home. So, try to make a list of them before packing. It will help you to keep your things in check after they arrive at a new place. You will know if anything is missing.

Also, you will have an idea about how much space they will consume. Moving companies often charge based on space consumption and weight for items.

3. Make Proper Packaging

In a long move, your items will be traveling for hundreds of miles. So, the packaging of the products should be proper and tight. Lose packaging can do damage in the long run. So be aware of it.

Try to use new boxes and new materials, like rope, while packing. It will make your items more secure and less vulnerable to damage.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

We often buy things that are not necessary for us. It's better to get rid of such items during a long move. These things will use up more space, which you may need for the actual necessary item.

You can either sell or donate these items before moving. It will help the needy people, and maybe you can earn some cash too.

5. Choose a Reliable Company

You need to choose a reliable and reputed long distance moving company. Do some research to find the perfect one that meets your requirements.

Before hiring, make sure to know about their policies and services appropriately. How much they will charge per square foot(measurements may differ), how long they will need to drop the items, pay for any damage, discuss all these in detail.

6. Get Insurance For Expensive Items

Despite having a secure packing, your items may face damages on way. If the thing is an expensive one, you will face a considerable loss. So, it's better to get insurance for all expensive items.

7. Keep The Necessary Things With You

It may take weeks for your items to be delivered, depending on the distance. So keep the necessary things that you will need after arriving with you. Also, it's better should pack daily necessities like foods, clothes differently.

8. Label All Boxes

A moving company works with many clients. So your items can easily get mixed up with others. That's why you need to label them with names and numbers. If you had put 50 boxes in the truck, make sure to get all 50 back during delivery.

9. Transportation

It's essential to choose the right transportation. Check out the routes to your new home and decide the vehicle according to that. If the roads are not big enough for a giant moving truck, it will only create a problem for you. Instead, choose two small trucks that will fit on the road.

10. Choose Right Time

Last but not least, you need to choose the right time for moving. Moving is always costly, but you can reduce the cost by choosing an off-season. But try not to choose the rainy season. Rain can damage your furniture and other items.

Final Words

Long distance moves are pretty tiring and need a lot of attention. We have tried to point out some basic things to make the whole process easier for you. Of course, there’s always room for small details. But if you follow the steps that we have mentioned, you can have most of the things under control.

We hope this article was beneficial to you. We wish you a smooth and safe move.

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