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5 Benefits of Locksmith Key Codes System

The locksmith key codes are currently one of the locksmith options most in-demand by families who do not want to skimp on security, both domestic and professional.

In a smart lock with key codes, you don't need to depend on the conventional metal key. Therefore, you do not need to carry a key in your pocket either. You can control the lock by using a smartphone, remote control etc. remotely or wirelessly.

Furthermore, there are still lots of benefits of a locksmith key codes system. Let's see.

Locksmith Key Codes: Concept of Electronic Lock

The electronic lock is nothing more than an evolution of mechanics, the one that we all know to have a cylinder, latch, slip, gears, etc. However, the difference lies in its mechanism, which is no longer "mechanical" as such, but electronic.

This means that a key is no longer required to operate the mechanism. So the great advantage of this type of locks is the access control. They provide a highly secure system since they can only be activated with authorized people who the system recognizes as suitable.

Types of Electronic Locks: With and Without Key Codes

There are several electronic locks models, but they all have one factor in common: the charging mode. An electronic lock is charged with electricity. However, its shape can vary, since there are small batteries that charge the lock for a specific time, power supplies, or power generators.

Thus, the three most common types of electronic locks are the following:

Electronic locks with fingerprint reader:

They are very common in gyms or company lobbies accompanied by lathes or mechanized doors. It is a laser reader that scans the fingerprint and activates the mechanism if the person has previously registered their fingerprint.

Electronic code locks:

They are simpler than the previous ones and work similarly to some keyboard safes. These are locks that obey a code to activate, in such a way that the person who enables them must know that code. The code does not necessarily have to be superimposed on the lock, so it is typical for the keyboard and the lock to be physically separated.

Hybrid electronic lock:

It is a mixture of the previous two. They can be powered by the scanned fingerprint or a number code. However, they are rare and more expensive than usual.

5 Benefits of Having a Digital Lock

Today we tell you five benefits of having a digital lock at home or business. These locks are versatile, safe, and functional. If you are looking for a lock, check this report and give the future of locks a chance.

1. You forget the keys!

Perhaps the main advantage of these locks, and for which it has gained popularity in recent years, is the fact that you don't need to carry keys to open it.

Its operation is simple and the opening more. Some models open with a fingerprint, others with a numerical code, and some are opened with a card.

Don't worry; nobody will be able to copy or duplicate your key! The most avant-garde models allow you to register up to 900 fingerprints or codes that you can erase or modify whenever you want.

2. If the power goes out, it still works

Its power source is batteries, so you should only be aware of the battery charge. The batteries included in the kits can last up to 3.5 years. So in the long term, it is economical.

When the battery is low, the lock emits an alert advising that it is time to change it. So you will hardly run out of energy to keep it running.

In the remote case that the batteries are entirely depleted, simply place a 9-volt battery in some external connectors that have the lock to charge it temporarily and enter access.

3. Resists the weather

Its metallic constitution allows it to be installed outdoors without physically damaging or affecting its operation. For example, they are adaptive to a very harsh environment.

4. Open it with your cell phone

Some brands operate models that, through a mobile app, allow the lock to be opened and closed remotely from the mobile phone.

So you will have control of your lock in the palm of your hand.

5. Maximum durability and reliability

They are safer and more difficult to open in case of theft, compared to a traditional lock. Its method of operation allows it to be easily opened from the inside.

The main advantage of digital locks lies in their high security and reliability. They control access, and some allow you to know who entered the house and at what times.


We hope you have a more or less closed idea of what Locksmith Key Codes are. If you want a lock solution, you can contact Serrurier Namur.

Due to the significant typology and available technologies, their prices tend to fluctuate quite a bit due to the significant typology. They are not exactly within reach of all budgets.

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