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Can Living Small Be Good for Mental Health?

living small can be very beneficial to your mental health

From luxury condos to micro-apartments, living small is undoubtedly becoming a new trend. Partially, this is due to higher housing prices and other financial aspects, but that is not the sole reason. The main attraction is in making our homes a reflection of our personality and goals. More and more people feel overburdened with the material world and hectic lifestyle. Instead, they want to focus on things that really matter and that are meaningful to them. That's why they opt for smaller living spaces full of items that bring them joy, happiness, and peace. While there are some downsides, too, choosing a smaller home can benefit your well-being significantly. In this article, we've set out to explore how living small can be good for mental health.

Small homes feel cozy and personal

Think about a large home with a vast number of rooms, hallways, and outdoor spaces. In terms of filling all that space and decorating it, such a home can almost feel unsettling, especially if you prefer a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your home.

On the other hand, smaller homes lend themselves well to creating this intimate and cozy ambiance. A little bit of decor will go far to make a difference. It will enable you to make your home feel precisely the way you want it to be. In a space that feels right and that is filled with meaningful and pleasant items, you'll be able to unlock your full potential. Not only will you have a peaceful environment where you can rest and relax, but you'll feel more energetic and creative, too.

They are easier to decorate and freshen up

On top of creating a cozy and personal vibe, decorating in small homes is much simpler. As we've already mentioned, adding a few items can have a tremendous impact on your home's interior. For example, a vintage lamp, colorful cushions, or eye-catching art will stand out more in a small home.

Additionally, whenever you feel a need for a change, mix things up a little bit. We all sometimes need to reinvent ourselves and our surroundings. Luckily, when living small, it's much simpler and more rewarding to freshen up your interior design.

cozy small space with a lot of personal details

Small homes allow you to express your personality, creativity and focus on what matters to you

Organization and maintenance are a breeze

One of the most obvious advantages of living small is that cleaning your home is a much less demanding task. Chores often take a lot of time and energy - the resources we all value highly. However, you don't have to devote hours upon hours to scrubbing and cleaning to make your studio apartment neat and tidy.

In addition to that, you'll find that organizing your home is much simpler, too. We all tend to accumulate stuff, but living in a condo will quickly discourage such habits. Instead, your focus will improve, and you'll concentrate on items that bring value and enhance your living space.

When the time comes, relocation is much more manageable

Organizing your home often means regular decluttering. In small spaces, things that we don't use and need often tend to stand out. So, recognizing the clutter and purging it is necessary to keep everything clean and well-organized in tight quarters.

Also, that means when the time for relocation comes, you'll have less stuff to pack and worry about. Even if you have to move on short notice, it won't be as challenging. Having fewer items to weigh you down will help you settle sooner and adjust to the sudden change with ease. That way, you'll experience less stress and anxiety during this life-changing event.

a woman thinking about small living ideas

Living small enables you to focus on your goals, think outside of the box, and be imaginative

Tiny homes are more financially and environmentally sustainable

Opting for a smaller home can benefit you in many other important ways, too. For example, water and energy bills will be significantly lower for a home of 500 square feet than they would be in a much larger home. Paying less will benefit not only your wallet but also your mental health. It will reduce the inevitable stress at the end of the month. Plus, it will leave you with more money at your disposal - the money you can spend on things that matter to you.

Additionally, reducing your energy consumption will reduce your carbon footprint and help you embrace a greener lifestyle. Knowing that you're contributing to an important cause, such as protecting our environment, can improve your well-being. Not to mention it can motivate you to make other green life choices!

A minimalistic lifestyle is perfect for a small living space

Minimalism is a lifestyle approach that focuses on embracing simplicity and functionality. Its motto, 'less is more,' inspires people worldwide to focus on meaningful instead of material aspects of life. What's best is that it also encompasses interior design, and it's perfect for tiny homes!

The goal is to purge the things you don't need, use, or love out of your life. Instead, surround yourself with items that are useful, meaningful, and that bring you joy. Removing clutter from your life will help you feel more productive and efficient. It will also help you focus on your goals and create a healthy home you'll enjoy.

Small homes may boost your creativity and a sense of accomplishment

Although it may seem counterintuitive, another perk of living small is that you'll have to be creative. While there are many advantages to living in a small space, there are some challenges, too. For example, finding storage solutions, incorporating a home office into your limited space, etc.

However, if you keep a positive attitude, you can easily turn this difficulty into opportunity. Think about the ways to solve problems that occur, unleash your imagination, and do your best. A task successfully accomplished will give you a sense of pleasure and accomplishment.

a woman with balloons in a flowery meadow

Tiny quarters can help you find a balance and enjoy your life to the fullest

A small home will motivate you to spend more time outdoors

Last but not least, living small will encourage you to spend more time outside. And not because you don't love your lovely, cozy home. But the lack of a home gym or a game room will motivate you to seek your entertainment outdoors and socialize more. Spending more time seeing your friends or going for a walk in a park will improve both your physical and mental health.

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