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Celebrate with a Sip! 8 Perfect Liquor Gift Ideas
for Any Occasion

Liquor Gift Ideas

As soon as shutdowns began across the nation, alcohol sales rose by 55%. And, now that the country is slowly opening back up, people are making plans for the summer. Is it any surprise that everybody is thinking about liquor gift ideas?

After all, it’s no Fourth of July or summer pool party without a little boozy fun, right? This summer, get creative with your gift-giving and ensure that you’re bringing the right kind of gift to the right kind of party.

If you’re not sure what to bring to a small summer gathering, we’ve compiled a list of eight perfect liquor gift ideas for any occasion that you can easily get from a liquor shop online. They’re classy yet creative and we’re sure the host will love them.

1. Local Spirits from Local Distilleries

It’s no secret that shutdowns have left small, independent businesses in distress. As things begin to slowly open back up, be sure you’re shopping locally. And, that can start with the liquor gifts you decide to purchase.

Do a local search for craft distilleries in your area to see what’s around. If you live in a metropolitan area, we’ll bet that there are tons of places around participating in small-batch artisan distilling. If you can, schedule a small group tour.

If you’d rather just give them a gift, stop by for a short little tasting as the spirits are likely to blow you away. Choose the flavor you think your special someone will enjoy the most or simply get them a gift card. You’ll be helping support local businesses while giving a great alcohol gift.

2. Take a Tour of the Whiskey World

If you can’t travel at the moment, why not bring a taste of Scotland (and beyond) to the party? A few places offer fantastic “whiskey around the world” tasting kits that not only feature multiple premium whiskey labels but also come in a unique, gift-ready box.

Small sample-size bottles of various whiskeys from around the world are perfect for the whiskey lover in your life, but they’re also great alcohol gifts for an adventurous drinker who loves to explore new flavors and brands.

3. Give the Gift of Booze and Candy

The best alcohol gifts combine more than a few flavors. So, give the gift of someone’s favorite booze along with some candy for taste testing. Aviation Gin offers a gin and candy box that’ll satisfy the sweet tooth of any gin lover.

However, you can also gift someone a spirit tasting set. It should come with cards complete with tasting notes, suggestions on what to pair the alcohol with, and other fun facts and information. If you already know what to pair it with, include that in the gift as a nice gesture.

It’s worth mentioning here that you can also browse these kinds of sets online as research and then craft your own boozy candy box, too. DIY gifts are often the best anyways.

4. Call a Concierge for Liquor Gift Ideas

Thinking of sticking to the basics? You can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of someone’s favorite liquor. And, nowadays, most liquor companies will deliver a bottle that’s been nicely packaged straight to someone’s door. With this kind of liquor delivery service, things become even easier.

Browse through, for example, to check out their liquor gift ideas. They’ve compiled some of the most premium, exclusive alcohols on the market and will wrap it up nicely and deliver it as part of their white-glove concierge service.

5. Subscription Boxes Keep On Giving

If you’re committed to spoiling whoever is receiving the gif then you can sign them up for a subscription box that’s boozy and alcohol-themed. This is great for alcohol birthday gifts, especially if you can split the cost with a few other friends.

Due to the popularity of subscription boxes, there are literally hundreds to choose from, too. Check out beer of the month clubs, cocktail mixing kits, whiskey subscription boxes, and plenty of wine sampler boxes to choose from.

Again, because this will incur a monthly cost for at least a few months, this alcohol gift idea is best if split between a few friends who want to split the total cost.

6. Search for Limited Edition Bottles

Even if your friend or loved one isn’t a fan of drinking alcohol, they can still enjoy liquor gifts as collectible items. Limited edition bottles of premium alcohol are a great idea for those who love exclusive, collector’s items gifts.

After the finale of Game of Thrones, for example, Johnnie Walker came out with their A Song of Ice and Fire Blended Scotch Whiskey Set. Sure, the whiskey might taste the same, but the bottles themselves are collector’s items.

If you’re really looking to knock it out of the park in terms of gift-giving, pair the alcohol with themed glasses or a drinking game deck of cards that matches the TV show, movie, or general theme that you’ve decided on.

7. Go Bespoke

Belvedere Vodka offers you the chance to order a bespoke bottle of their deliciously smooth vodka. It comes personalized with a name on it, making it one of the coolest, most authentic gifts you can gift someone.

Other bespoke options exist that include contacting a local liquor company and asking if they’ll craft a special spirits box for you. Oftentimes, as long as they usually offer alcohol gifts, they’ll comply.

Figure out what your friend or family member likes most and ask the experts to pair it with chasers or other alcohol that is similar in flavor and style.

8. Spice Things Up with Tabasco

If you’re trying to think of the best liquor for gift giving but can’t settle on something new that your person will love, why not spice things up? George Dickel offers a Tabasco barrel whiskey that’s just spicy enough to add a kick to the party.

Other unique options exist as well, such as gin that’s been aged in whiskey barrels and strawberry vanilla bean vodka.

How to Find Other Unique Gifts

Liquor gift ideas are a great way to add a dose of fun to any get-together or birthday bash. But, they’re not the only great drinks you can bring to a party.

If you’re in search of other unique gift ideas, head over to our Happiness and Home, Garden & Building sections where you’ll find some more inspiration.

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