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Leading Baltic Birch Plywood Suppliers in the USA

Baltic Birch Plywood

Plywood Logistics has been and continues to be one of the best Balt birch plywood in the USA. Balt Birch plywood has proven to exceedingly accommodate and first-class plywood, unrivaled globally. It originates from Russia and other Balt states, and a very distinctive process is involved in making it. Birch layers help manufacture it, and dissimilar to usual plywood, it has no softwood or stuffing plies in the middle. 

Buying the right construction materials for your projects is an important decision. Even if you want to purchase plywood sheets for relatively minor tasks, having less knowledge can always be harmful. Knowing what material is adequate to your needs can save you from the messes of extra-thin plies on the top, irregular centers, deformation, spaces, and much more. Well, one of the best traits of Plywood Logistics is their friendly and qualified staff, and this is coming from a place of experience! On another note, you can check out this beginner's woodworking guide for more info.

Balt birch plywood is considered superior to the usual Russian birch plywood due to several factors. Being extremely versatile, Balt birch plywood helps in making:

  • Profitable projects
  • Recreational projects
  • Arts and decoration
  • Hobby items
  • Furniture

So here is all you need to know about Balt birch plywood and why Plywood Logistics is the chief wholesale balt birch plywood supplier!


Usual Russian plywood is made locally from the cheapest appropriate center wood in rotating grain layers. Joining along with a hardwood lacquer on the top. There are insides and outside grades. The outdoor grades are usually made with a dissimilar glue but don't essentially indicate better quality or steadiness. 

The Balt region develops the original Balt birch plywood USA, with Russia and Finland being the most prominent producers. It is often referred to as Finnish Birch or Russian Birch plywood outside of the US for this purpose. Its made of only high quality laminated birch veneers with no filler wood. They take care to ensure that there are no cavities in layers of wood. 

Plywood logistic uses exterior grade adhesive to produce all Balt Birch. They will fit for environmental applications when wholly sealed. Balt birch and exceptionally cavity-free aircraft quality plywood are at a much greater rate for marine applications.

1. Uniformity

The Balt Birch has some very excellent practical features. The total uniformity of the layers is one of the highlights. This implies that it is possible to laminate two pieces of birch together, and the gap between the two appears indistinguishable. I used this to make cases by drilling the inside of the Balt birch sheet, drilling some holes for orientation pins, and then laminating the whole assembly together.

The base of the Balt birch plywood USA offered by Plywood Logistics is unlike conventional plywood that you often see. The inner plies layers are around 1 mm thick solid birch veneer, cross-banded, and strongly conjoined. It's a formula that results in a cavity-free center with a range of benefits, which is why we have found in the United States that this stuff is perfect for thousands of woodworking designs.

2. Better Screw Holding

Since Balt birch core layers are simply birch fillings (rather than lighter, secondary wood), they form a void-free core and retain 100% of their threads. On the other hand, standard veneer core plywood has voids and is often made of lighter materials, meaning the screws cannot clench the best they can.

You can also find sheet products manufactured from the center of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). While it is 100 percent sturdy, MDF is fragile compared to the Balt birch plywood screw-holding strength offered by Plywood Logistics.

3. Tidier Joinery

You will get cleaner constructions and fantastic looking joints by tipping the hat again to the center's uniform birch veneer layers. Your joinery will, therefore, not suffer from a lack of glue. The lack of cavities in the core makes sure that they get complete glue coverage. Anything you create from Balt birch lasts for a long time.

4. Superior Strength and Capacity

The possibility of warping runs across all plywood, and bowing is the most common form of warp in plywood. Balt birch is not exempt but is also a product of timber. Balt birch, however, has the odds set far higher in its favor than other plywood, mostly in thicknesses of 1/2" and 3/4". The 1.5 mm thick birch veneer's cross-banded layers make the sheets balanced, offering a flatter product. The finer sheets, such as 1/8" and 1/4", will not stay flat in large bits, which is no surprise.

It is usually not a concern since their general use is in applications such as drawer bottoms and cabinets. They are broken down to smaller sizes or caught in dice and rabbets. It should be apparent that, since they have more layers, the thicker sheets are more durable. 3/4 " Balt birch will not shift much in width or weight, which is why it is perfect for jigs and fixtures that need to retain precision over the years.

5. Aesthetics

Everyone agrees on how the visual appeal of the woodwork used is essential most of the time. This is another spectacular feature of Plywood Logistics as a Balt birch plywood supplier. I have seen many sturdy, resistant, and strong woodworks, but they did not surpass the level of appearance I wanted them to. 

One of the Balt birch's lucky advantages is that you can leave the edges exposed if you like the look. The uncovered edges often have a look that fits with the project, so the center is free of spaces and all birch, and this saves you time and material without wasting money on adding edge tape or firm edge banding unless required. Sand the edges where they are and finish them.

When you need a particular hue, you will stain the face and back. You may need to add a stain controller or a wash coat of dewaxed shellac, like sturdy birch lumber, to stain uniformly with an oil-based pigment stain. Using dye for even tone, otherwise. Instead, only finish the Balt birch with a simple, clear top coat of lacquer to preserve the uniform, light color.

6. Thicker Outside Layers

You should note that the front and back veneers are noticeably thicker than the veneers you can find on standard cabinet-grade plywood with careful examination of the Balt birch. Unfortunately, everyone knows that cabinet grade plywood-veneer surfaces are appallingly thin, making them easy to ruin and easy to sand through. Not so for Balt birch, however. The exterior veneers are lovely and dense.

There are many Balt birch types available in terms of appearance, but we most commonly bear the second-highest classification, BB/BB. BB/BB indicates that single piece veneers with no splices are both the face and the back veneers. There can be up to 6 minor texture patches (egg-shaped footballs or another shape), several soft mineral streaks, or close pin knots for both face and back veneers.

7. Perfect for Laser Cutting 

It's among the few wood types that can come in sufficiently large sheets and still be reliably dense to be sliced with a laser across its width—anything from structural model elements to sculptures to schmaltzy carved knick-knacks.

The drawback is that the dense Balt birch of 1/8′′ and 1/4′′ does not remain completely smooth. It's either a cup or a warp. It's not that the plywood is poor. It's just a consequence of the distance. It's broad and small. Not a great combo to get the wood to lie down.

8. Multi-ply joining

Balt Birch plywood is made with 30 percent more plywood than standard domestic plywood. A board uniquely designed to withstand higher weight or immediate risk is the blended outcome of birch hardwood fiber and multi-ply design.

9. Exceptional Mechanical Capability

The multi-ply structure, stronger face veneer, and nearly hollow free hardwood base lead to an ideal panel for the exposed edge designer look when machined or used on CNC equipment.

10. Entirely made of Hardwood Fiber

This is 100% birch hardwood and almost void-free materials. This provides outstanding hardness and precise gravity, rendering Balt Birch plywood offered by Plywood Logistics among some of the strongest and most structurally robust boards available.

Balt Birch Grades

Plywood Logistics offers a wide variety of Balt Birch Plywood USA based on appearance and structure. The grades are divided based on the texture of the front and back layers.

1. B/BB:

Single element slab for the face and back. With a light-uniform hue, face veneers are found transparent and undamaged. Back activates 3-6 matched patches of paint, which are oval and egg size. The internal cores are sturdy singular veneers of birch.

2. BB/BB: 

The front and backside of a single piece. On average, seven small color-matched patches and several subtle mineral stripes are made possible by both face and rear veneers. There could be close pin ties present. The inner cores are sturdy veneers of a single piece.

3. BB/CP: 

The front and back side of a single sheet. Over "BB" quality veneers, the "CP" rear veneers are reduced, which allow unrestricted repairs and fine knots, but do not allow open flaws. The inner centers are sturdy single-piece fillings of birch.

4. CP/CP:

The front and backside of a single piece. Endless sound knots, patched breaks, and endless patches are made possible by head and rear grade dentures. With both sides, the board is clear and builds for coating.

5. C/C: 

Enabled changes, open knots, and tiny veneer breaks. Veneer cover and allowed limited core voids. Construction framing also uses these non-sanded panels.

Balt Birch sizes offered by Plywood Logistics

The most common boards produced for the European furnishings market are in 5'x5' sheets so the real dimension is standard, 1525 mm x 1525 mm. It makes little difference in fine carpentry since you can cut bits to the measurements you need for significantly smaller items, such as jigs and cabinet parts, custom cabinets, etc.

The width is also in millimeters, but for convenience, the US industry converts the thickness to the closest Imperial value, which means that 3/4" Balt birch, for instance, is not exactly 3/4" thick, but somewhat narrower at 18 mm thick. As in other wood carving areas, be mindful of this when preparing and cutting your joinery; never presume a specific measurement without first inspecting it. It's better to cut your parts to fit instead of a scale.

  • 3 millimeter ≈ 1/8″ (3 plies)
  • 6 millimeter ≈ 1/4″ (5 plies)
  • 9 millimeter ≈ 3/8″ (7 plies)
  • 12 millimeter ≈ 1/2″ (9 plies)
  • 18 millimeter ≈ 3/4″ (13 plies)

Personal Opinion

The Balt Birch plywood can be a great asset for a craftsman. For drawer cases, it is an exceptional and economic commodity. And in small parts, it stays intact securely with screws without breaking apart. And for the multiple fasteners that the carpenter requires, it has tremendous strength & longevity. Plywood Logistics has proven to be an exceptional firm when it comes to balt birch plywood wholesale provision.

Balt Birch still has a few disadvantages as well. It costs roughly more than plywood daily. It is either available in 5 'x 5' formats or a reduced version of specific areas. The explanation seems to be that for European carpeting, it's the chosen size. (Although some sites have accessible sheets of 4'x8 '). It usually is not sold in big box hardware stores, which implies this isn't as commonly available. It typically must be acquired at a specialist location for hardwood dealers or furniture making.

If you are looking for a high-quality Balt Birch Plywood, look no further than Plywood Logistics. As a reputable plywood supplier, it provides premium products all over the USA. By buying directly from Plywood Logistics, you can cut the price of the agent’s commission. Click on to order Balt Birch Plywood from a trustful supplier!

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