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Discover What Makes Las Vegas Good
for Real Estate Investment

The vibrant nightlife, beautiful desert, and gaming action attract millions of visitors to Las Vegas. Several tourists bring in thousands of dollars to create many jobs in the tourism industry. The COVID-19 pandemic made some short-term impact on the real estate market. However, various factors make Las Vegas a good destination for real estate investing.

Las Vegas

Low relative property prices

With new housing stock coming onto the market, the prices are declining. Now is the best time to buy a home in Las Vegas as the prices are relatively affordable, with many people still broke because of the pandemic. Property prices here are low compared to other markets in the US. The foreclosure rates nation-wide are high, while those in Las Vegas have fallen, with one home in a thousand foreclosed here each month.

Rising housing prices

Most of the land in the state is owned by the federal government, and the vast deserts constrain real estate. Although the Clark County Government requested to develop over 38,000 acres for housing, getting permission from the Bureau of Land Management might take years, leaving vast areas in Las Vegas with open lands that can’t meet demand.

For this reason, the prices in the housing market are going up with no possibility of busting. There is a chance that home values grew by about 1.8 percent last year. The healthy growth rate results from the introduction of new luxury homes on the market for high-end buyers. Now is a good time to get looking for luxury homes Nevada ( Consider scooping up an expensive house at low monthly payments because of the lowest mortgage rates ever. You will stretch your budget for a high-end deal.

Landlord friendly

The real estate market in Las Vegas is landlord-friendly, unlike in most of the other states in the west. Evicting tenants for non-payment is not difficult here. Five days are enough for the tenants to pay or vacate your property. This same time is enough to resolve issues, including lease violations after eviction. After five days, the case goes to court with a same-day ruling to allow the tenant to leave the property in a day. This adds up to make becoming a Las Vegas landlord stress-free.

Attractive job market

The unemployment rate in Las Vegas is better than that in other states like Arizona. With a diverse economy, jobs are available, including for people with low skills in tourism, entertainment, and services. The economic growth in Las Vegas makes it wealthy enough to attract new residents annually.

With a favorable business climate and immense labor force, Las Vegas has had steady employment growth since the 1990s. These conditions are making business owners come to Las Vegas. California has unfavorable employment regulations driving business owners to Nevada and Oregon. Future employment growth is expected to rise by about 40 percent in Las Vegas, making it a wonderful destination for real estate investment.

Low tax

Owing property in Las Vegas comes with paying a mortgage if you don’t pay cash. You also have to pay running costs like insurance and maintenance. However, you are free from paying income tax to the state. Additionally, Nevada boasts of having the lowest property tax rate in the country. The property tax abatement law protects homeowners by limiting annual tax bill increases to not more than three percent.

Affordable payment options

You can take a 30-year home loan with a fixed rate to buy a home in Nevada. This gives enough time to pay the loan while the interest remains the same for the payment period's duration. The only exception is when you refinance. You can also opt for a 15-year loan at a fixed rate for quicker payment at low interest but with higher monthly payments.

Endless investment opportunities

People come to Las Vegas for tourism while others come for work. All this adds up to create a bright future for real estate investment. The housing market here enjoys a population growth rate above the national growth rate to make Las Vegas one of the best places people are moving to. When looking forward to profitable real estate investment, expect good cash flow here.

There are various growing neighborhoods where to acquire property that will generate some good cash. Expect retirees relocating from other places to rent out your property. Property in areas like Nevada and Spring Valley comes with cheap running costs to make management easy.

In a nutshell

Real estate investment in Las Vegas is desirable for residential investors. You can choose from various neighborhoods with affordable property to acquire. The heavy influx of tourists and job seekers from California creates a massive demand for housing. Investing in a Nevada luxury home is a chance to make a good cash inflow from this lucrative real estate market.

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