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How Landscaping Increase Property Values of Home | Complete Guide and FAQs

In the recent times, landscaping is gaining momentum among the realtors and house owners for its apparent benefits. We can develop an easy premise, based on the studies from professional researchers, that says that landscaping can give a 15% financial advantage to a property, in case of a sale. The study also stressed on the size of the plants, types, and designing.

Another study showed that a house with tasteful landscaping holds a significant advantage, from 5.5% to 12.7%, over a house with no landscaping at all. So, landscaping does increase property value.

Still in reality, it is not all about horticulture!

It is found that realtors and buyers look for places that are sophisticated and designed to make everyone at home with little to none work at all.

The Perfect Balance

As earlier studies suggested strongly in investing in the outward look and appeal of your place because landscaping does increase home value. But you need to be careful about the expenses, so as not to go overboard when it comes to landscaping.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a house with strong foundations and buildings should not invest more than 10% of the total house value in landscaping. In a sense, landscaping increases property taxes because it goes beyond planting trees and herbs and include structural features such as lighting, fencing, garden paths, pools, etc.

A perfect balance between structural integrity and landscaping in Balmain expense will put you in an advantageous position to capitalize on the investment.

Tip to Increase the Property Value of Home

The perfect analogy for landscaping is that of a ribbon and gift wrap that you use to cover the gift before giving it to someone.

In order to get full utility on it, here are some handy tips that can help you in lawn care and landscaping.

#1. Complement The Architecture Of Your House With Landscaping Style
According to the titans of the real estate industry, the best way you can realize your investment on your house and on the landscaping is by making sure they belong to each other.

Think of it as a town and country landscaping, you need to match the roads and general architecture of the houses with the ornaments you are installing on the outside. For a simple craftsman-style house, there is no need of going out of the way by installing ponds or fountains. A finely trimmed shrubbery would suffice.

#2. Think Of Grace & Elegance
The main purpose of getting the exterior of your house revamped is because the newcomers may feel at home. It is best to stay away from avant-garde experiments and go for a theme and style that both covers the area in the best possible way and enhances the curb appeal of your house. For instance, landscaping under pine trees is an evergreen idea that oozes satisfaction and timelessness.

Another contender idea in this regard would be landscaping with quaking aspen trees. Both are good and each depends on the topology of your house.

#3. Keep An Eye On The Horizon
It may depend primarily on the market conditions when your house will be sold, but you need to be careful about the landscaping if you need to wait for a while. For instance, you decide to go “green” for the landscaping of your house. It is April and everything is supposed to bloom and come to life. But if you have to wait for a couple of months, your landscaping is sure to get a hit because of the change in weather.

If you live in an area with frequent storms or all four seasons, you need to come up with innovative ideas regarding landscaping to save your hard-earned dollar. Law and order Landscaping provides exceptional services to its clients in the area. With a dedicated team of experts, they are happy to oblige in both assistance and completion of the task.

#4. Boost Privacy
A big window means more natural light and air inside your house, which is a great thing to have if you are selling your house. But it comes with a price. Having spacious windows means that neighbors and passersby can easily steal a peek inside. You can also transfer your property value to your loved one after certain death. It mitigates the risk of major financial loss.

To tackle this problem, go for glossy-leaved shrub barriers because they offer an effective cover from prying eyes, without compromising on the amount of light and air you want in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How You Can Beautify Your Home with Landscaping?
To enhance the exterior look of your house, you do not need to alter the main structure. With landscaping, you can add and mold items, such as plants and fences that can help in getting the presence of your house more pronounced in your neighborhood.

Why Landscaping Is Essential for Your Front Yard Of Home?
The front yard of your house sets its character and feel. Visitors and guests can guess what to expect inside by glancing at your front yard. Even passers-by can guess about your style and taste in interior décor by looking at the exterior of your house.

Why Landscaping Is Significant Today For The Commercial Properties?
Definitive studies have shown that landscaping can help in getting more value for a house with tasteful landscaping when compared to a house with shabby exterior, or no landscaping at all. Sometimes, this value could add up to 15% of the total value of the house.

How much value does a landscaped backyard add?
According to estimates, from 5% to 12% value can be added to a house that is for sale by installing excellent landscaping.

Is it worth spending money on landscaping?
It is definitely worth it, because you can capitalize on your expenses by asking for a higher price on the house.


QRG101 is the best USA business listing directory which always focus on the research and try to take out some interesting stuff for the readers and its consumers. Landscaping is a straightforward way to add value to your house if you are selling it, but you need to strike a balance between what you spend and what you will be able to earn. The sophisticated exterior leaves a lasting first impression to the visitors that will make them stay and own the place. You can also hire professionals to do the job for you.

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