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Landscaping as a Business: Initial Cost Plan

Any owner of a country cottage would like to have a beautiful house and a wonderful estate as a whole according to a special project. To do this, he needs landscape design provided by a landscaping company - a type of service that has been quite popular recently. This is what allows this business to be in demand and, therefore, quite profitable. Moreover, there is no need for large investments at the initial stage.

Of course, now there are many companies in this area, but finding your niche in this business is not so difficult. After all, large companies that have taken a solid place in the rating set fairly high prices for their services, focusing on clients with a very good income level. And the popularity of landscape design extends to a greater extent to middle-income people. By setting its prices, a start-up company can easily get customers among this category of people, bypassing competitors.

The types of landscape design can be very diverse: creating reservoirs, planting plants, laying paths, building fences, creating lighting on the site, and watering.

First, you need to find a professional designer with high qualifications. You can invite a ready-made specialist or train a beginner since, to be able to create a high-quality landscape design, you need not only to have good taste but also to have the necessary knowledge in the field of design styles, dendrology, composition rules, as well as computer modeling skills.

Cost Of Training

The necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities are obtained in landscape design courses. The cost of training is from three hundred to four hundred dollars. There, students receive knowledge of theory and practical skills in creating design projects in placing small architectural structures and plants. Upon completing the courses, the graduate already has sufficient knowledge and skills to independently outline and carry out a project of the author's landscape design.

In addition to gaining professional knowledge, special computer programs are needed to create landscape presentations and projects.

It is training specialists and acquiring the necessary programs that are the main cost item for creating a landscape design business.

The main difficulty of the initial stage is the lack of a portfolio with completed orders that would show potential clients the quality and originality of the new company's work. See How to Texture a Wall. Therefore, it is better if already experienced designers are not involved with their own developments and orders will be executed independently, first to gain experience in a well-known company working in this business area for a long time. This will help in practice to master all the nuances of this profession.

After gaining the necessary experience, you can start looking for your customers. To do this, you will need to organize an advertising campaign. Information about the new company can be placed in newspapers or special editions and on the Internet. An effective solution will be to create your own website where the portfolio is located. In the process of "promotion" of the company's activities, the number and volume of advertising can be significantly reduced.

For Economy Class Clients

The price of services is about two hundred dollars, for elite customers - from one and a half to one thousand eight hundred dollars. And this is only for the project documentation. The creation of the project and the practical implementation of the work will cost one and a half thousand dollars per hundred square meters. It depends on the client's requests.

The following metrics will help you set your own prices:

  • Onsite consultation - $26,
  • Design sketch in 2 versions (S = 6 acres) - $160,
  • Design documentation with the development of a master plan for the site, layout, and planting drawings with a dendroplane - about $35 per hundred square meters,
  • Plan individual elements of the landscape (flower garden, pond, alpine slide), develop an assortment of plants and recommendations on how to care for them - $4 per square meter,
  • Estimated documentation - 10% of the work performed,
  • Project implementation supervision - 10% of the work performed.

Thus, the initial costs of creating this business will pay off even for one successfully completed project.

About Sheen John:

"I use many platforms to share the landscape designs that I have made for my clients over the years since. Honesty and value are the two things that have built my career as a blogger over the years."

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