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6 Important Kitchen Appliances You Should Not Miss During Your Deep Cleaning Day

Often, we feel bad if we have not cleaned up our kitchen for months. But to be fair, cleaning the kitchen is a timely and a big task, many people simply get a Houston house cleaning service to deal with it for them. For those of us who rely on our own elbow grease, there is a sense of accomplishment... but there may also be the urge to cut corners on cleaning day. However, there are many kitchen appliances that you should not miss out on during your kitchen deep cleaning.

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Regularly cleaning and defrosting your fridge is the absolute must when doing deep-cleaning. Besides defrosting being good for your food and fridge, cleaning out the shelves and throwing out food that’s gone bad creates space in your refrigerator, making food faster to cool and less likely to spoil. And don’t forget to clean the freezer either! Use this as an opportunity to throw out food you’ve forgotten about, or leftovers you promised yourself you’d get to but never did.


Once you’ve had your fill buying your pots and pans from HK’s most popular baking stores, you also need to know how to clean them. Whether you’re lucky enough to have space for a big oven range or you only have space for a small table top one, it’s important to clean out the grills and the bottom of the oven to keep it fresh. You don’t want your cookies to accidentally drop on the muck and stick to the gross charred bits of food at the bottom of your oven, do you?


It’s easy to disregard the microwave, since it shouldn’t be as messy as the other appliances you have, but regularly cleaning your microwave keeps it fresh. Having to reheat food in a dirty microwave is just the absolute worst. The good thing is that cleaning the microwave is really easy: just place a bowl of soapy water and a slice of lemon in the microwave and let it run for five minutes on full power. The water will steam the dried out food bits stuck on top of the microwave, making it so much easier to wipe off. No scrubbing!

Rice cooker

The lid of the rice cooker and the edges of the rice cooker often get neglected, where rice can sometimes get stuck and dried out throughout daily use. The rice cooker is one of the most used kitchen appliances, so a good wipe and some scrubbing to take out the burn out parts at the bottom of the rice cooker should do the trick to refresh it. Not only does this clean the rice cooker, but helps it last longer as the caked on burns can make the rice cooker less efficient over time. In the worst case scenario, it can even cause fires.

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Gas grills

You need to be an expert at cleaning gas grills whenever you do deep cleaning. This is especially true if you cook and fry a lot of meat as the gunk can harden and be very difficult to clean out. This can be easily taken care of with a little baking soda-vinegar mixture and a whole lot of muscle.


With many of your shelves also doubling as pantry storage, it’s easy to take this spot for granted. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip this next cleaning day. Clean out all expired herbs and spices, throw out anything spoiled, and give your shelves a good wipe down from all the dust and powder that tends to accumulate in the corners.

Deep cleaning should not be avoided. You’re not just removing grease and food leftovers, you'll also get rid of bacteria that can grow in these leftovers and cause your family to fall sick. Make sure to clean all your kitchen appliances regularly.

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