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Five Key Tips for Planning a Move

Planning a Move

The number of people moving has decreased from prior years. In 2021, 8.4% of people in the U.S. moved from one place to another. The year before was 9.3%.

Whether you've moved recently or not, you might feel bittersweet about the event. Of course, moving to a nicer home or better neighborhood is the sweet part! The bitter part, though, is dealing with moving.

Planning a move can be a challenging feat to accomplish. But you can make your move easier and less stressful with the right tips.

Here are five essential tips to make your move easier.

1. Start Now

Some people who procrastinate feel like they work better under pressure. If you can relate, you might wait until the last minute to start preparing for your move. However, all the moving tips you find will tell you don't do this!

Waiting until the last minute makes a move more stressful. Instead, start working on it now. Doing this allows you to spread out the tasks over several weeks or months instead of cramming them into one week.

2. Make a Checklist

Next, you'll benefit by having a guide to follow. Therefore, it might be helpful to create a checklist. You can list every task you must do for your move on this list. Then, you can use it to spread out the tasks.

As you make a list, don't forget to include the following tasks:

  • Cleaning your current home
  • Turning on the utilities at your new place
  • Completing any work around the house
  • Getting moving supplies

Listing all the rooms in your home might also be helpful. Then, you can create a schedule to follow for packing.

3. Use a Packing System

When you plan to move, you should also use a packing system. For example, you can read packing tips to learn the best ways to pack boxes. But you should also create a system.

For example, you could use a color-code system. With this, each room has a color. You can mark the boxes with these colors to know where each box belongs.

4. Purge While Packing

Organizing a move requires many steps. However, you can simplify your move by purging as you go.

For example, start with your closets. You can pack what you won't need until after the move. Additionally, you can get rid of things you don't need or want.

You'll have less to pack if you follow this tip.

5. Get Help

One last thing to do is to view these residential moving services to hire someone to help. Moving is difficult by yourself. Yet, it's easy to take the load off your back.

You can hire a moving company to transport your goods. You can even hire them to pack your things.

Start Planning a Move Now

Are you planning a move? If so, following these tips can help you stay organized and on top of things. Moving is stressful, so finding the best tips can help minimize this stress.

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