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Keep the Bees and Rats Away from Your Home
with These Techniques

Pests wreak a lot of havoc in any property that they infest. Their activities and their droppings are enough to interfere with the hygiene of the property and hence the safety of the occupants. Having any pest on your property is equally destructive as well as embarrassing. Any residential or commercial property can be infested with pests such as ants, rats, rodents, bees, wasps, termites etc. due to a variety of factors. These miscreants can spread diseases and hamper indoor safety. Read this blog to understand more about techniques that help keeping bees and rats away from your home:

What Are the Factors Responsible for Rats and Bees in Any Property?

Let us have a look at some factors that attract rats and bees to any property:

  1. Rats, rodents and mice can infest any property that offers them food, water and shelter. Unpicked food scraps left on the floor can give rodents and rats the necessary nutrition. 
  1. Any old and unused wooden cupboards, drawers, cabinets that are in a state of decline and kept outside the home instead of being disposed of them can serve as shelter for the rats and mice. 
  1. Carelessly secured garbage or open garbage bins are also a feast and constant source of food supply for rats and mice. 
  1. Any source of standing water around your property can be utilized by the rats and mice to quench their thirst and keep using it for the same in future. Pet bowls left on the floor can also provide them with the necessary food and water. 
  1. Mounds of leaves and leaf litter lying on the outside of the property actually is a safe haven for rats and mice. This is a place where they can safely hide from predators and humans. 
  1. Damp areas in your property are also a prime factor for bees to be attracted to it.
  1. Bird feeders with a welcoming smell and equally vibrant colors can attract bees as well as rodents. 
  1. Bees are also attracted to a property that has honeycombs and beehives in the vicinity.

How to Keep Bees Away from Your Property?

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. Bees are dangerous due to their stings. Implementing techniques to keep pests like bees beforehand is always better than hunting for ways to remove bees after an infestation. Listed ahead are tips and techniques that would help you stay ahead of any potential bee trouble:

  • Cover up the garbage bin. Do not just casually throw out bottles of sodas and sweet juices. Try to wash the cans before trashing them. It is better to keep the garbage bin at a distance from the house. 
  • Washing your garbage bin out and out regularly is a good practice. Any garbage remnants may only allure bees and other pests.
  • Keeping cucumber peels on ledges of windows can act as repellents for bees too as they dislike cucumber. This simple method can prevent the bees from hovering inside the window. 
  • Bees do not like the aroma of essential oils. You can simply spritz a water and essential oil concoction in places that attract bees around your home. Alternatively, you can also clean areas attracting bees with a cloth dipped in essential oils like thyme, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass etc. Placing cotton balls dipped in any of these essential oils all over the place can help too. Peppermint plants can also deter this vexatious pest. 
  • You can also plant Marigolds to repel bees from your house. Marigold blossoms all through the summer season and its strong smell keeps the bees away.
  • You can also place a bowl of distilled vinegar outside as well as near the window. This easily available item will repel bees and keep them out of your house. 
  • If you have any logs of untreated wood, then either discard them or have them painted and stained. This will deter carpenter bees from creating nests in this wood. 

It is safe to call in the services of professional Bees Control Perth if there is a full-fledged infestation at hand. 

How to keep rats away from your property?

Rats can cause large-scale destruction if you do not opt for professional solutions at the first sign of infestation. Listed ahead are some techniques that would help keep rats away from your property:

  • Clean your kitchen and your home regularly. Crumbs that have fallen mistakenly on the kitchen counter or floor can also provide rats and mice with the food they need. Clean up the oven and any electrical appliances used while making the food. 
  • Do not leave leftovers on the dining table. Store all food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers in the pantry or food cabinet. 
  • Get into the habit of storing firewood in limited quantities without overstocking it. Try to keep it at a distance from your property. 
  • Clip tree branches from time to time so that rats cannot use it as a bridge to enter into your home. Moreover, you would also have to keep an eye out on any other vegetation, ivy or climbers from the outside structure of your home. 
  • Clean up after your pet’s meals. Do not forget to clean out their droppings. Do not keep the pet bowl lying on the outside. 
  • Secure the garbage can firmly as that also can be accessed by the rats and mice for their meals. Seal any holes, cracks or gaps anywhere in the house so that these pests do not use it to enter into your home.

You may also opt for Rat Removal Perth from a reputed service provider as even a single rat is capable of multiplying rapidly. 

Amaze Pest Control Perth is a reliable pest control service also specializing in delivering services for extermination of rats, bees, wasps, termites, ants and many more. Schedule an appointment by speaking to our executives on 0480032292. Control the pest infestations in your property, before they go out of hand.

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