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How to Keep Rainwater Out of Your Balcony

Do you enjoy sitting on your balcony and sipping a cup of coffee while you watch the rain outside? It's something we love too. Who doesn’t, when they have a perfect view from their homes, when staying at the very heart of the city, such as in 3 bhk flat noida, maybe?

If you were smart, you would have prepared your outdoor space and for ways to cover your balcony from rain, for the monsoon by now. If not, then no worries! We have got you covered!

Keep Rainwater Out of Balcony

Stopping rainwater from damaging your balcony

In this article, we have listed the ways to cover a balcony from rain. These tips will help you get started so that you can enjoy pakora and chai on your balcony while the rains fall. Read on, to find out the various ways you can make your balcony rain-friendly. We have the best possible rainproof balcony ideas

  • Install sliding glass shutters

Glass shutters or curtains that are installed along the balcony walls can be opened during warm weather and closed during rain. Remember:

The side panel of a balcony is normally fixed so it's impossible to open up the space.

Instead of using wood frames, use waterproof frames. This will prevent water damage to your balcony.

  • Choose weather-proof fabrics

MAterials such as Moriq fabrics are waterproof and weatherproof. You can make use of these fabrics for the outdoor upholstery, as they can withstand both rough weathers, as well as wear and tear. Fabrics should be resistant as well as mildew and waterproof. Cushions made from polyurethane foam permit water to flow through. Make sure you use solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for cushion covers and upholstery. They are water-proof, and will prevent water damage to your balcony.

  • Use Blinds

This is an amazing rain stopper for balconies. Transparent PVC blinds will protect your balcony from heavy rains. Outdoor transparent PVC blinds can keep your balcony dry during torrential rains. They also allow sunlight to shine through, brightening your outdoor space. The blinds are tough, and are resistant to tears, scratches and wears. Hence, they are perfectly suitable for use in areas with high speed winds.

  • Apply waterproof paint

You should consider waterproof paint when painting your balcony, thereby waterproofing your balcony. It will protect the walls from moisture, and also prevent the growth of mold. A soothing, soft colour will reflect light and not make your balcony look unattractive. This is an effective rain protection for the balcony.

  • Install a retractable awning

You can also install a retractable fabric umbrella that can be pulled down using a motorized attachment if you like the idea.These act as ba;lcony rain protectors. This will ensure waterproofing the balcony.

Many companies will provide awnings that are customized to your specifications and size. Although striped awnings are the most popular, you can also find them in almost any color.

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Now you know how to keep rainwater out of your balcony! You can enjoy the outdoors even in heavy rainstorms by covering your balcony. There are many options for ways you can make your balcony rain-friendly.. Hope these tips were helpful!

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