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Tips to Keep the Mosquitoes at Bay During Peak Season

Whether your residence is near a lake or somewhere in the middle of the city, you cannot truly escape the itchy bites and buzzing sounds of mosquitoes. Although you can see some mosquitoes in all seasons, their presence is at its highest during summer and monsoon. If timely and proper preventive steps are not taken, you can be subjected to diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc.

Some local municipalities use power spray tankers, fogging machines, and different methods to reduce the spread of mosquitoes during peak season; these are often not enough to protect everyone. If you want to protect self and your family from mosquitoes, the following practical measures can help.

1. Use Mosquito Agarbatti

If you want to ward off mosquitoes the natural way, you should get yourself a natural mosquito agarbatti. They can also be considered 100% natural incense stick that repels mosquitoes and other insects inside your house. Since they are generally eco-friendly, they are safe to use in homes with little kids and pets.

A natural mosquito agarbatti is made using aromatic oils, plant extracts, and other organic ingredients. They are non-toxic, safe, and affordable, so you shouldn’t think twice before getting yourself a mosquito repelling agarbatti. Light one in a place with the highest mosquito concentration or a place that acts as the doorway to mosquitoes.

2. Avoid Water Stagnation

Even small areas of water accumulation can become massive breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It can be noticed primarily during the monsoon season. If you have even a small pond or pool near your house, you must be extra careful during the monsoon season. One of the best methods to prevent mosquitoes from approaching your home is by eliminating their breeding spots.

While you cannot do anything to the ponds or pools around your house, you can ensure there are no places of water stagnation inside your home. For example, if you forgot some water in your bathroom buckets or if water got accumulated on your window sills during rainfall, mosquitoes can breed in these places. Hence, ensure you don’t let mosquito breeding grounds develop inside your house.

3. Use Mosquito Traps

If the mosquito problem is intense in your area, the best way to get rid of most mosquitoes entering your house is by placing electric mosquito traps. These traps are highly efficient at attracting, controlling, and killing mosquitoes almost instantly. High-voltage grids placed in these traps electrocute mosquitoes.

If the place has too many mosquitoes, you may hear repeated buzzing sounds from the trap when mosquitoes are electrocuted, but it can be adjusted with. You can find numerous electric mosquito traps on online shopping marketplaces, so get the best before the mosquito season arrives. If you have small kids inside your house, ensure they don’t come close to these traps.

4. Mosquito Spray

A convenient and effective method to keep mosquitoes at bay is using organic mosquito sprays in your house. When using an organic mosquito spray, you don’t have to worry about unbearable smells since natural sprays generally have a pleasant smell. If any person in your family has breathing issues, avoid using a chemical-infused mosquito spray.

You can get a top-quality mosquito spray from Herbal Strategi since it does an excellent job of repelling mosquitoes without releasing harmful or unbearable elements in the home environment. These sprays can also be used to repel other pests, so they serve multiple purposes.

5. Place Mosquito Repelling Plants

Want to repel mosquitoes as naturally as possible? You should get some mosquito repelling plants for your house if you answered yes. These plants have a strong smell that distracts mosquitoes, making it difficult for them to get attracted to places where people live. But plants will only work if they have an intense fragrance that mosquitoes cannot bear.

If you want to use plants to keep mosquitoes at bay, get yourself a marigold or basil plant. You can also consider other plant options like lavender, citronella, rosemary, lemon, etc. These plants should be placed near windows or spaces that act as the doorway for mosquitoes. It will eventually reduce the number of mosquitoes lurking around, giving you much-needed relief.

Remove Mosquitoes as Naturally as Possible

No one likes being surrounded by mosquitoes, but most aren’t aware of the best and most practical methods to keep them at bay. Fortunately, you now have the answer. If your house has been having many mosquitoes recently, you can get rid of them using any method discussed above. For faster results, you can consider applying multiple methods at once. The results will undoubtedly leave you amazed.

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