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What Jewish Products Must You
Have at Your Home?

It requires having several Jewish products to have at your home to run a Jewish practice. The Jewish ritual products are also known as Judaica. Jewish products look unique and attractive, and that is why people like to collect Jewish products at their home.

The following are some of the most common and attractive Jewish products. People can purchase Jewish products at their home. People can purchase Jewish products from The Jewish Store. Some of the most common Jewish products you must have at your home are as follows.

1. Challah cover

Challah cover is an opaque cover that is used to cover the Challah bread. Challah bread is used as an outset meal of the Sabbath meal. Challah cover is sometimes made up of a velvet cloth that is embroidered to give an attractive look. Challah cloth is used to cover the loaves. The loves needed to be covered until the Kiddush blessing is being recited over wine.

2. Dreidel

This is a spinning top having four sides. The four sides are marked with four Hebrew letters that are Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin. These four words are used to say. A great miracle has happened here. Dreidel is a game that is usually played on a certain occasion of Hanukkah.

3. Etrog

Etrog resembles lemon in many ways. Usually, Etrog is one of the four spices used on the fall festival of Sukkot. The four spices include Aravah, Hadas, Lulav, and Etrog. Sukkot festival is a seven-day festival, so these four spices are used together on this occasion. However, people need to purchase fresh Etrog every year. The Etrog is also known as citron. 

4. Havdalah Candle 

Havdalah candle has several wicks. These candles are braided with several wicks. Havdalah candles are specifically made to be used at the havdalah occasion. This candle is a symbol of separation that describes the separation between the Sabbath and the starting of a new week.

5. Kiddush Cup

The Kiddush cup is usually made up of silver. Kiddush is known as a blessing over grape juice or wine. The Kiddush is the blessing that is recited at the beginning of every Jewish holiday lunches or dinners. 

6. Kippah

The Kippah is also known as a yarmulke. The Kippah is usually a skullcap that is to be worn on every Jewish holiday or festival. Times ago, only men used to wear Kippah but nowadays, Kippah is worn by women as well.

7. Lulav

Lulav is one of the four most used spices on every occasion. People need to purchase fresh Lulav every year. It requires the presence of Willow and Myrtle with Lulav for the occasion of Sukkot.

8. Menorah

Menorah is also known as hanukiah. This is a candelabra having nine stems. It is also known as shamash because of the presence of eight flames and a helper candle. This is an antique candle that is being used as an ancient candle used in Jerusalem. This candle is a symbol of the miracles that happen during the holiday. This candle is the must-have of every Jewish house.

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