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7 Invasive Pest Species Right In Your Backyard


If you live in Australia, you're likely to have one or more pests right in your backyard! There are high chances that you have already contacted a pest control company to visit your home and remove these creatures from your property. 

Here's a list of the seven most common pests found in most backyards: 

  1. The Indian myna is an aggressive bird that competes with native species for food and nesting sites. It was introduced to Australia in the 1860s as a control for crop-eating insects but has become one of our worst invasive pest animals. 
  2. The red fox was introduced to Australia for hunting in the 1830s but soon spread across the country. It preys on native animals such as bilbies and bandicoots and can also carry diseases that affect humans, livestock and native wildlife. 
  3. Cane toads were introduced to Queensland in 1935 to control cane beetles but have since spread across northern Australia. They are poisonous to many native animals that try to eat them and out-compete native species for food and habitat. 
  4. The European rabbit was introduced to Australia in the 1800s for hunting but soon became a serious pest. It competes with native animals for food and shelter and causes extensive damage to agriculture and the environment. 
  5. The common house mouse was introduced to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788 and has since become one of our most widespread pests. It damages crops, spreads disease and is a major nuisance in homes and businesses. 
  6. The brown rat was introduced to Australia on ships in the 1700s and is now found throughout the country. It preys on native animals, damages crops and spread diseases. 
  7. The feral cat is a descendant of domestic cats introduced to Australia by European settlers. It preys on native animals, including some endangered, and competes with them for food and shelter. As a result, feral cats are one of the biggest threats to our native wildlife. 

What can you do to keep pests away from your backyard?

There are many ways to prevent pests from getting into your backyard. You may follow the simple tips below to keep your backyard clear of problems. Ensure to: 

  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris. 
  • Store food properly and in sealed containers. 
  • Repair any holes or cracks in your home's foundation. 
  • Remove standing water from your property. 
  • Call a professional pest control company if you have an infestation. 

Pests can cause a lot of damage to your property and the environment, so it's essential to do what you can to prevent them from taking over your backyard. However, you can keep your yard pest-free and enjoy the outdoors without worry with a bit of effort. 

If you live in Melbourne, you have at least one of these pests in your backyard! Be sure to take steps to control them, such as removing food sources and nesting sites and preventing them from spreading to other areas. For more information on how to handle these pests, contact your local council or the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

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