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5 Reasons to Install Walkway Landscape Lighting

For many homeowners, one of the best features of their landscape design is the lighting they have outside. From horticulturally-inspired garden post lamps to decorative lanterns, tiny fairy lights to automated swimming pool lights, these fixtures can make any landscape feel warm and inviting.

However, some choose not to set up exterior lights for the landscape costs. They do not realize that landscaping lights do much more than highlight the best yard features.

Before you go to Patios Riverhead NY, here are five reasons to install walkway landscape lighting.

Makes Your Space Better

An outdoor lighting system can expand your living space, making your outdoor spaces useful well after sunset, giving you more time to enjoy them. Well-designed landscape lighting can transform an average yard into an oasis – an ideal spot for relaxing, enjoying meals, entertaining guests, or spending quality time with the family.

And with your chances of spending less time traveling this year and more at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an oasis in the backyard might be what you need.

Create the vibe you want: Whether you are going for a buzzy or a peaceful one, outdoor lighting can achieve this goal and help create inviting spaces you can enjoy from the early morning coffee through the evening entertainment.

Give a Bold Look to Yard

Transform a drab exterior into a bold, lighted showcase, accenting special features such as fountains, ponds, flower gardens, patios, pergolas – even your favorite trees!

Whatever is special about your house or backyard, make it pop with landscaping lights. Use statement lights (large, bold accent lights, such as white or colorful balls) for mood lighting, or include lights that fit your decorating theme.

Increase Property Value

Lights come in many shapes and sizes, making them an easy way to add dimension to your living. No matter the size or style of your home, landscaping lighting can highlight its best attributes while adding dimension and dynamic shape. It can make even the most boring, boring-looking exteriors glow.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 90% of prospective homebuyers rank exterior lighting as either “desirable” or “essential”. Including such a highly sought-after feature in your home increases its value, making it more likely to sell.

Curb Appeal

If your house does not look good from the outside, many prospective buyers won’t even bother taking a closer look. But curb appeal is crucial, even if you are not selling: Highlighting your home’s outdoor beauty with landscaping lights gives it a warm, inviting charm that draws family and friends inside and makes them feel immediately welcome.

Safety and Security

Use landscape lighting to direct guests down pathways, driveways, and driveways, or illuminate stairs or uneven areas to help mitigate guests’ risks of slipping and falling on your property. Install lights around patios, decks, outdoor seating areas, and water features to increase security.

Landscape lighting also serves as a good deterrent for thieves. Installing them can draw the attention of neighbors and bystanders, making them more likely to spot a potential thief in the act.


If you are looking for installers to make a lit house, Landscape Huntington NY is here, with their best skills and experiences, serving many people and fulfilling their dreams of having a beautiful yard.

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