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Reasons to Install Overhead Garage Storage

Have you been losing your mind over storing away your things because you do not have enough places to put them in? Well, worry no more! We have the perfect solution for your problem; behold overhead storage! You can install garage tote storage above garage door to save up your floor space and innovatively make use of the ceiling.

This can be done in a series of steps without going through the hassle of finding a constructor to install them. It's extremely important to install them properly and make them perfect before you start using them to avoid the whole ceiling falling over you.

What You Need

You will need 5 hanger boards, 1 ledger, 1 front joist, 1 floor CDX plywood, 5 joists, and 1 ceiling cleat. Now we can move on to the essential hardware, which includes 12 lag screws, 6 joist hangers, 2 all purpose screws, and 17 L angles. You will also need eye protection equipment, a ladder, cordless drill, additional drill components, rubber mallet, drywall spackle, pencil, open-end wrench, nut driver, measuring tape, and an electronic stud finder.

Freeing Floor Space

Have you ever come across a garage that is the perfect size but looks too small because it is so cluttered? Yes, we all have. That is because most homeowners treat their garage as a dump where they can leave their clutter until it keeps gathering overtime. If you invest in some overhead garage storage, and convert your garage, you can easily free up your floor space.

This way, you can fit in your car inside the garage to protect it from the weather conditions and debris outside. This way, you can also have more room to carry out any DIY projects that you may want to indulge in, for example, dying a T-Shirt or spray painting anything.

Moreover, you can even move easily from one part of the room to the other without getting caught up in a storm of clutter. This is the perfect way to get the mess out of the way and make the most out of the space you currently have.

Storage Space

This one is a bit obvious but should be mentioned, nevertheless. By installing an overhead storage system, you will technically have more places to store your things in. This way, you can keep the inside of your house clean because you will have less clutter in the cupboards and rooms.

In the long run, this will be beneficial because you can keep everyday items inside your house where it can be easily accessed, and you can keep other items which are not used daily in the garage storage system.

Easier Access to Stored Stuff

Yes, you heard that right; through this overhead storage, you can gain easier access to your things. You might be wondering how that is possible; well, when you stack things on the floor, you tend to stack them on top of each other without any proper system. This way, heavier boxes can sometimes be left on smaller objects, making it much difficult to navigate your way through the clutter to find one specific thing.

This is why when you store your items overhead, the issue of stacking things on top of one another is gone because it is difficult to do that. Since objects are not stacked upon one another, finding one specific item is far more comfortable than normal. Moreover, this same stacking issue can be why objects are breaking or boxes getting dented while staying on the floor. If you store all the fragile items overhead, then this problem will cease to exist.

Safer for Children and Pets

We know just how many children and pets can get in the way of storing items. Certain objects can be dangerous for children to use, and some items can be ruined if your pets decide to nibble on them. Both these problems can be avoided if you choose to store dangerous and overly fragile items overhead because both pets and children will not reach them. Their safety and the item's longevity will not be impacted by this method.

Moisture Proof

If you have ever kept your belongings on the floor, you will notice that sometimes you will have some moisture on them when you take them out. This is mostly because water can seep into walls and run into small cracks, eventually reaching your objects. Most of the time, your tools are kept in the garage, and they can be ruined and rusted if they are in contact with any amount of water.

This is a real issue with homeowners, and they would prefer to keep their precious items out of harm's way and overhead so that they do not get ruined. Moreover, walls and cabinets on the floor can also be impacted by water because mold can grow in or near them. This can be harmful to certain objects, and to fully avoid this issue, we suggest you invest in some overhead storage system, so all your items are safe and sound.

Larger than wall and floor cabinets

We all know that our floors are used for decoration and storing in multiple ways, which means that cabinets are generally smaller and fit in a small number of things. Whereas an overhead storage rank can be built, which is the size of the entire floor. This will not disrupt any decoration or setting in the garage and will be perfect for storing more efficiently. If you can install your garage storage system perfectly, you may never feel the need to use any additional storage method.

Final Thoughts!

The reasons to use overhead garage storage systems are plenty and can offer any individual lasting benefits. This is indeed an innovative way to make room for your items without disrupting the space you already have.

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