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Importance of Filtering the Shower Water

All of us know how vital it is to use DRINKING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM in ensuring the safety of drinking water. With so many harmful contaminants, BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER helps keep the body to achieve better health and wellness from the water we are consuming. But, did you know that even the water we use to cleanse ourselves have to filter too?

Like the drinking water, shower water also contains an array of chemicals like chlorine, bacteria, and fungus directly from the showerhead. These contaminants can harm the largest organ in the body system, the skin. Besides acting as cover, the skin is responsible for other bodily functions like synthesis and creation of Vitamin D. One characteristic of this organ is its capacity to absorb almost everything off the contact. This function is why chemicals like chlorine are too harmful to the skin. Thus, the essence of BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER.

Reasons why Shower Filter is Important

According to BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER REVIEW, here are some of the justifications why we should avail shower filter:

  1. The BERKEY SHOWER FILTER is the easiest and effective way to reduce harmful exposure to the skin.
  2. Filtering the shower water reduces the risk of asthma and other bronchitis because of chlorine inhalation. This action can provide another benefit for respiratory health.
  3. Shower filter reduces the risk of having cancers in the bladder and breast.
  4. Another worse effect of chlorine exposure is fatigue, so filtered water in the shower area lessens the fatigue that we can experience. It also enhances energy levels.
  5. As chlorine is removed using the shower filter, it promotes better air quality throughout the house.
  6. The skin receives the following benefits in using a shower filter.
  • Softer, healthier, and younger-looking because it is not exposed to drying effects of chlorine
  • Reduces the presence of skin rashes and wrinkles
  • Retains its natural moisturizers
  1. The hair benefits from shower filters too. With this tool, the hair's natural moisturizing oils are preserved, which results in softer and healthier hair.
  2. Shower filters are cost-effective and can be replaced easily. They can last for some time as well.
  3. Shower filters help reduce excessive build-up in the bathing area. Unfiltered water also contains salt that cab build-up in the nozzles and other bathroom corners. With a cleaner, it can remove these builds-up beforehand, so it lessens the cleaning time in the bathroom.
  4. Shower filters help remove the bacteria residing in the showerheads. As we keep on using the showerheads, there is always the chance that the bacterial enters our system. With shower filters, about 99 percent of bacteria can be killed, resulting in purely clean water.

These are some of the benefits every household can experience in availing water filters. Using filters is an indispensable step for our homes and families to reduce the risks of diseases and other harmful effects we can get from being exposed to various contaminants and bacteria. Despite chlorine's capabilities in killing pathogens in the water, some of its properties can affect the skin micro biome and the delicate bacteria needed by the skin.

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