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The Importance of Getting Your AC Serviced Before Winter

When the hot weather hits, nothing beats coming home to a cool, comfortable house. As the summer months pass and the weather cools, many people simply shut off their AC systems until the following year. Unfortunately, when the temperatures begin to rise again, they may find that their AC system is no longer cooling as it once did. This is why it is important to have the system serviced each year.

What Does an AC Servicing Include?

There are service companies that can offer services to ensure a home’s air conditioning system is ready to go when the temperatures rise. Each year, Valley Heating & Cooling offers expert technicians to the community to provide the servicing home AC systems need.

During the visit, the technician will inspect the entire system for problems and issues it may be having. The technician will clean and check the coils, blowers, and fans to ensure they are functioning properly. The refrigerant levels and pressure are inspected and adjusted as needed.

The technician will lubricate any motor or bearing parts as needed. Filters will be cleaned or replaced, depending on the unit. All belts, controls, and safety features will be inspected and adjusted to the proper specifications. The system will also be checked to ensure it is operating at proper temperatures and providing proper and efficient airflow.

How Does an AC Servicing Help Your System?

This service visit can help ensure the unit is running properly and efficiently. A system that is running properly and efficiently will be ready for the summer's hot temperatures and cool the home so it's comfortable all summer long.

In addition, regular service helps to prolong the life of the air conditioning system. If everything is working as it should, there will be less wear and tear on the various parts of the unit. Less wear and tear will minimize the need for repairs and help owners save money. 

A properly functioning system is also an efficient system. If the air conditioning is running efficiently, it will use less energy throughout the summer. Less energy usage will reduce the cost of energy bills and save homeowners a significant amount of money.

What are the Benefits of Having the Service Performed Before Winter?

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits when they schedule their air conditioning service before winter starts. The main benefit is convenience. Since most people schedule this service in the spring, homeowners who contact HVAC experts for service in the fall are more likely to schedule an appointment when it is convenient for them instead of waiting for an available spot.

Since late in the fall is the off-season for air conditioning services, homeowners may even be able to save money on this service. Some companies provide discounts at that time of year. Even if no discounts are available, servicing their AC system in the fall may prevent homeowners from paying any surge pricing due to waiting until the busy season.

Another benefit of having the system serviced just before winter is that homeowners can have their system winterized before the temperatures get low. The technician can remove any autumn debris and cover the outdoor unit to protect it from the winter weather.

Having an air conditioner serviced in the spring is a perfectly good option for homeowners. However, having the system taken care of before the winter gets the job out of the way. When the temperatures start to rise, homeowners will not have to wait until the unit is serviced before using it. Having a ready system can be beneficial if a surprise heatwave hits early in the spring.

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