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Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Lawn

With summer comes more social gatherings and pleasant evenings spent in our yards. The season also spurs the sounds of lawn mowers and sprinklers all across residential areas, the sounds of maintenance and money that goes into keeping turf grass neat and green. Read more here to know the perfect turf for you and know how to maintain it.

However, though they’re appealing to look at, those grass lawns aren’t great for the environment. All that maintenance amounts to nearly 3 trillion gallons of water per year, as well as millions of gallons of gas and pesticides. 

Thankfully, we can all reduce our energy consumption and water runoff at home by embracing other plants in our front yards. Grass is far from the only option. No-mow alternatives such as moss, creeping thyme, and ornamental grasses are just as beautiful and require far less upkeep. 

You can also start by reducing the size of your turf lawn by planting a bed of native wildflowers, which are adapted to your local area and don’t need as much watering or fertilizing to thrive. Similarly, you can replace either your whole lawn or a section of your yard with gravel, sand, or recycled mulch, which don’t require watering at all.

If you’re looking to help out the environment and cut down on energy consumption and waste, check out each of these lawn alternatives and the unique benefits of each below...

Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Lawn - Native Garden
Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Lawn - Ground Covers
Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Lawn - Sustainable Options

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