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How to Create the Ideal Home Workout Room

Not all of us want to deal with the intensity of gym culture or crowded boutique exercise classes, but we still want to remain healthy and active. Many fitness enthusiasts are turning to online streaming services and working out from the comfort of their homes.

Try Pilates, Barre, Sculpting Classes, and more with help from inspirational instructors. Create your dream home workout room using our best tips and tricks.

Why We Love Working Out at Home

Factors like affordability and convenience can affect our ability to stick to a consistent exercise routine. Top-tier gyms can cost upwards of $300 a month for a premium membership, and if you’ve been on your feet all day, chances are the last thing you want to do is drive to your gym. But without a space dedicated to working out, it can be hard to motivate yourself.

Home workout rooms are a creative, convenient solution for those of us who are tired of the gym but love working out. Turning a room in your house into a home workout space will give you immediate benefits and even help save you money over time. If you work from home or have kids, your in-home workout room is always close by and easily accessible. Squeeze in a few sun salutations before starting your day, or shake off hours of sitting around with an energizing Pilates or Barre routine.

woman in home workout room

Best Places for Your Home Workout Room

Space isn’t a negotiable feature in our homes: you either have it or you don’t. Transforming extra bedrooms and offices into a home workout space is a popular choice. Sharing the room is also an option. Making your office also your workout room may be more realistic than having an office and fitness space all in one house.

There are also more unique places to build your in-home workout room. Not all of us have extra rooms, but you might have an attic, basement, or garage that you can devote to maintaining your mind-body wellness. You can also build a designated workout space outside of your home by remodeling an additional structure like a large shed into a personal studio in the backyard.

The Features Your Home Workout Room Needs

A successful workout space is more than just an empty bedroom. Comfortable flooring cushions your movements and can reduce strain on your joints. Shelves and proper storage for your equipment will free up your space and give you more legroom. Natural lighting is great for lifting your mood and putting you in a good mindset to start your fitness routine. Installing a fan will help keep you cool as you work up a sweat.

Personal touches in your home workout space are also important. Make the space feel like your own with a splash of color on the walls or by decorating with motivational quotes and prints. If you follow along with fitness programs, DVDs, or online streams, then a TV or computer screen is another feature you should include in your home workout room. A laptop stand is the best way to make your workout fun AND productive! Thus you can use your laptop or tablet while you exercise. Speakers are also great for blasting your favorite workout playlist. You might also consider installing mirrors. Mirrors help you self-correct your form or movement, making sure you’re doing them correctly and getting the most out of your exercise routine.

Get Fit in Your Workout Room

Give it your all with a full-body workout, or focus on areas like your butt, legs, or arms. Get inspired to move as world-class fitness experts bring their best workout tips and routines into your home workout room.

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